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Commercial Generators

Africa Power Equipment’s commercial generator solutions are customised to meet our commercial client’s specific applications and requirements. Our commercial generators have been equipped with technology which allows the generator to power larger and more complex business facilities. These commercial efficiencies come from optimally designed systems.

Commercial generators are equipped with a variety of components and functions, which ultimately depend on the specific power requirements. Therefore, when looking for a generator to suite your commercial demands certainly consider its most important components. Namely…

Commercial Generator Engines

A generator’s engine can be driven by a variety of sources, each will have its advantages. Diesel, petrol or natural gas engines can provide a specific power generation solution.

It must be stated clearly, that the size of the engine is directly related to the output of power that can be supplied by the generator. The lifespan of any engine can be vastly extended with correct maintenance procedures. That said, it is important to establish which generator engine will be best suited to the commercial task at hand.

Once you have chosen an engine that can both provide the power and be geographically accessible, you need to consider the alternator. The alternator will use the engines power to generate the electricity needed.

Commercial Generator Alternators

The generator alternator produces electricity by channelling the mechanical input that is supplied by the engine. You can combine a variety of engines and alternators, each producing a specific set of parameters that best solve the power requirements.

When deciding on an alternator, remember to factor in the required wattage of the equipment, which will draw from the generators power.

Africa Power Equipment’s solutions will take into consideration all your specific commercial generator applications.