Generator Services & Maintenance

At Africa power equipment we offer generator servicing, maintenance, and repairs to residential, commercial, and industrial generators. We cater to Petrol, gas, and Diesel Generators, all form 5kva to 3000kVA (3mVA).

When you maintain and service your equipment you tend to get the best out of it.

Here are some key factors as to why it is important to service your generator:


Keeping your generator in it best condition with servicing and regular maintenance is a great way to ensure that it will be ready for you when you need it most whether it is an unplanned power outage or scheduled Load shedding.

Fueling Issues

Generators are often used as back solutions. This would make them susceptible to fueling issues such as build up of algae in the fuel system, Dirty or blocked injectors and fuel separation. If these issues are left, larger and more costly problems could arise.

Saving on Operational Costs

Although skipping servicing intervals may save you money in the short term, this could affect you much greater in the long run. Regular servicing and maintenance of your generator will ensure that it is kept running at its best and most efficient – thus saving you on running cost as well as picking up on any faults beforehand that may cause down time in the future.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Scheduled generator servicing and maintenance is great way to pick up on equipment that may be failing or on its way out. Decreasing down time potential when the backup is needed most critically. eg – batteries that may not be holding charge will prevent a generator from starting up when most required, cracked and weather pipes could cause leaks of fuel, oil etc.

Planned Monthly Runtime

If your generator does not run often, it may pick up issues such as fueling and battery problems. It is important to start and run your generator periodically to keep it ready for action. Scheduled checks and runtime monthly to quarterly, dependent on the usage of your generator.

There are many ways plan and work around keeping your generator in tiptop shape for when you need it most, it may be a simple yearly service or a scheduled, planned and implemented Service Level Agreement (SLA). We at Africa power Equipment are more than happy and capable to assist where possible when it comes to services, maintenance, and repairs to your generators.