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Standby Generators

You cannot put a price tag on security and piece of mind. Convenience is another quality that is hard to give a monetary value. In a world of changing climates and increasing natural, and man-made, disasters, it is nice to have something to count on. That is where a standby generator can help.

When Mother Nature or the national power grid strikes with a fury it is nice to know that no matter how hard you are hit, you will be able to keep the power needed. Many emergency services and hospitals have been using standby generators to keep functioning when disaster strikes for decades. Large corporations have jumped on board, as well. The standby generator has become more popular over the years.

Many people have generators for manual back-up if needed. They know if the power is lost for any length of time they can hook up and run the essential appliances. The only time lost is for the hook-up. Unfortunately, this often means traipsing out in the storm to hook it up and get it going. This is inconvenient at best, and very dangerous at times.

A generator that is already hooked up and ready to switch over when the power is interrupted saves this vital step. Some standby generators are hooked to a switch inside the home or garage, while others have an automatic switch that comes on when the power goes out. This provides for a smooth transition, with very little interruption.

So, who really needs that convenience? It’s kind of romantic sitting by candlelight and listening to that scratchy, static-filled radio. A few extra blankets and you wont notice the lack of heat. A few trips to the store to keep ice in the freezer will keep that food from going bad, until the store runs out of ice. So, who does need a standby generator?

Well, in all seriousness, those with in-home medical equipment that requires power; such as oxygen generators, monitors, devices with batteries that require charging, etc. Those individuals who have medical conditions that can be exacerbated by heat or cold need the reassurance that their power wont be interrupted. Anyone who has medications, or other supplies, that require refrigeration can be affected by power outages.

So, those with medical conditions could benefit from a standby generator. But, what if you dont have a medical condition? If you are gone for an extended period of time when the power goes out, you can count on coming home to spoiled food. If you have a security system that runs off the power to the house, it wont work very well while the power is out. If it has a standby battery back-up, it will not be able to run off that battery forever.

But, what if you never leave for extended periods? Then, the piece of mind knowing that you will not be without power for any amount of time will allow you to focus on other needs during a disaster or simple inclement weather. The refrigerated food will stay cold and the home or office can be maintained in a comfortable state. Life will not have to alter significantly.

The cost of a standby generator would quickly be offset with just one loss. The value of lost food, water damage, pipe repairs, or other property damage could quickly add up to the cost of a standby generator, and a little more. Some insurance companies offer a savings on the homeowner policy for a standby generator. So, another great benefit of these generators is that they can quickly pay for themselves.

The piece of mind knowing that you wont have to worry when the lines go down, along with the convenience of being able to go on with life as always with little interruption, make the standby generator an essential piece of equipment. Anyone with medical conditions or equipment requiring power will benefit from the addition of this type of generator. People in areas with power outages should consider the addition of a standby generator to ensure continuity in their daily lives. This allows you to focus on the immediate needs at hand and handle other emergencies as they arise. A standby generator is an investment in overall piece of mind and comfort.