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Three Phase Generator

A 3 phase generator delivers three alternating currents, so you get constant waves of impressive power, no matter where you are. This makes our 3-phase diesel generators perfect for a range of applications, including trade, commercial, rural and general backup.

Whether you need a small 3-phase generator for domestic use or a large 3-phase generator for heavy-duty applications on the job or on the farm, Africa Power Equipment can provide the perfect solution.

What does “three-phase” mean? Power for your machine is generated by currents. When you operate a more traditional single-phase generator, you’re only working with one “wave” of power. In single-phase operation, your power will fall to zero three times every cycle.

A three-phase generator will never drop to zero because this type of circuit provides three alternating currents. These currents are all of equal frequency but are 120 degrees out of phase with each other, so the waves of power are constant.

Three phase generators are ideal for heavy duty industrial, agricultural, commercial, and professional applications that require intensive, constant power. Though you’ll have to invest more up front than when purchasing a single-phase generator, a three-phase diesel generator will help you get the most trying tasks completed with efficient, constant, and safe power.