When selecting the best generator for their specific needs, buyers are confronted by a large choice of types and models. In basic terms, though, the available options are between petrol, diesel and gas models.
This article looks at some of the reasons why gas generators may be the better choice for your needs, and for the environment in which they are put to use

1. Easy availability and storage of fuel
As opposed to diesel and petrol generators, gas varieties rely on a fuel that is readily available in countries where gas is piped to home or business premises. But even in cases where gas isn’t piped, storage in standard cylinders makes refuelling easier.
In addition, gas storage is clean and doesn’t involve the use of containers that may spill or leak or emit strong odours, even when sealed. It is therefore well worth examining the gas option when choosing among types of generators for sale.

2. More effective running costs
It is probable, even in the current uncertain pricing climate, that gas will remain a cheaper fuel than diesel, especially in high-use industrial applications.
Though gas gensets are more expensive to buy than their petrol or diesel counterparts, the initial outlay is eventually more than covered by more cost-effective running expenses, and this remains the case even when maintenance costs are factored in.

3. Gas generators burn cleanly
From the environmental point of view, gas is the cleanest choice to make among all types of generators for sale. Known as the cleanest fossil fuel, it emits around 50% of sulfur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx), mercury (Hg), and coal particulate matter.
Generally, the total emissions run from 85% to 90% less than those produced by diesel gensets. This has obvious direct environmental advantages, especially in situations where generators are used for long-term and for high-load purposes.

4. Gas models run more quietly and emit lower levels of fumes
These are important benefits to consider when using generators in a residential setting, as well as in office or retail environments. For home usage, both have advantages as to noise-levels and toxicity.
In business and work-site applications, gas generators are less disruptive to the workforce and customers, while also emitting fewer odours. Especially in the case of retail settings, gas gensets are less likely to drive away clients on account of constantly emitted smells.
In addition to the absence of pungent odours, small leakages of gas are not harmful to people and animals, guaranteeing a home, work, or business environment that is healthier than with generators using other fuels.

5. Gas is safer and cleaner to store
Because storage is cleaner and more compact, choosing gas gensets among generators for sale will result in less likelihood of spillage both in storage and when refuelling. This is usually not the case with storage of petrol and diesel.
Gas reserves also don’t deteriorate over time, which means that safe bulk storage can be effected without fear of losses and the messiness associated with storage of other fuels.

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