For the past 15 years, South Africans have been plagued by load shedding, with businesses affected the worst as less electricity means less production, affecting the overall South African economy.


“The Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)” published their statistics on power supply in South Africa, 2021 has been the most intensive load shedding year thus far, and predictions indicate that 2022 might be a record year (BusinessTech). 


“Unreliable electricity results in increased running costs and reduced productivity and profitability. The power outages in South Africa will have caused many businesses in all sectors – from retail and service to manufacturing and industry – to lose sales. It’s estimated that the loss to South African businesses and industries that battle with scheduled power cuts is about R1 billion per stage per day. For some, spending money on backup generators becomes necessary, reducing the amount they can spend on more profitable investments.” (OPM Blog)


However, interruptions from the power utility are not the only associated interruption. Many locations are remote and thus not on the grid. Therefore, when a power cut occurs or where remote work is necessary, it is imperative to ensure that there is an alternative energy source. Petrol, gas (LPG), and diesel generators provide instant solutions for all applications.


Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd, established in 2013, has developed a proven track record of providing custom manufactured generators and power products, including distribution and maintenance. Engineered solutions in diverse applications from concept design and production through project management and equipment maintenance. Business owners can rest assured that reputable brands and a range of products are available for their every need and requirement.


What are the best quality generators available?


Distinguishing between petrol, gas, and diesel generators is more complex than expected. Several types of generators are available and used in different applications. Therefore, it’s imperative to understand your power requirements and consequential to ensure that you choose the best generator for your needs.


Some of the top-quality generators supplied by Africa Power Equipment include:


Africa Power Equipment supplies engines, spare parts, alternators, generator controllers, and automatic transfer switches (ATS) as part of its extensive product range. Some of the most popular generators in use are inverter, silent, petrol, diesel, gas, single- and three-phase generators.

Inverter generators:  Where standard generators rely on the speed of the engine to create single-phase cycle waves used by devices. The engine speed of an inverter engine is not crucial as it can power up and idle down effortlessly. The pure sine wave delivered by an inverter generator is suitable for connecting sensitive electronic equipment such as TVs, laptops, and other IT infrastructure, including server rooms.


Single-phase generators:  Africa Power Equipment offers various single-phase generators that typically cater to households and small commercial businesses. Single-phase applications generally require anything from 1kVA up to 30kVA and are powered by petrol, gas, and diesel. While the installation is relatively straightforward, as all the amperage moves through one phase, the generator can easily maintain fluctuations should the correct size generator be installed.


Three-phase generators: Ideal for commercial and industrial solutions because of their high and constant power demands. Although you get three-phase requirements as low as 7kVA, most larger generators, up to 4MVA, are three-phase. Industrial and commercial equipment generally uses three-phase power. Three-phase generators are some of the most popular across a variety of sectors and industries, including but not limited to:


Why Choose Africa Power Equipment?


When you want to purchase a generator to serve your purpose, choosing Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd will be beneficial since the company strives to provide cost-effective solutions to all its clients.

The advantage of appointing Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd is its customized offerings in engineering, equipment supply, installation, and maintenance.

In the present world where technology advances in leaps and bounds, Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd keeps on challenging itself to keep up with that pace and always stay at the forefront of new technologies and developments.


Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd specializes in:


Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd offers customized services and unique power product solutions for various markets in South Africa through a focus on efficiency in both the service it provides to its customers and the quality of its products.


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