Loadshedding has been affecting millions of South African homes over the last decade, and these major power disruptions are set to continue throughout 2022.
For those wishing to keep their homes safe and well-lit during these scheduled power outages, a back-up generator presents an affordable and reliable solution.
But with the wide variety of generators available on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose for you and your family. In this article, we take a closer look at the 5 best home generators to have during loadshedding.

1. Standby Generators
Of the many generators for sale, standby generators are permanently installed and wired into a home’s electrical system. During a power outage, these can be used to power specific, crucial circuits, or they can be used to power the entire house.
When a power outage occurs, standby generators are equipped with technologies that monitor the electricity supplied by a utility and activate automatically.

2. Portable Generators
When and where temporary electricity is required, portable generators, also known as backup generators, can be utilized to deliver power quickly and efficiently. Because portability is a relative phrase, some products are more portable than others across the selection of generators for sale.
While the smallest models may be picked up and carried, the majority of them are equipped with wheels and a handle to make transportation more convenient.
Appliances, power tools, and other equipment can be immediately plugged into the normal outlets on the generator’s front panel without any additional wiring.
Additional features include a twist-lock connector, which can supply up to 240 volts and be used to power circuits in a home through the use of a manual transfer switch on various types.

3. Inverter Generators
Despite the fact that inverter-type generators are often portable, we have classified them as a separate category because their operation is considerably and technically different from the other two types of generators.
With “clean” power and constant voltage, these devices will survive significantly longer.

4. Petrol Generators
Petrol generators are the most popular form of generator, and they are an excellent choice for powering lower-powered appliances and tools.
When it comes to expenses, petrol generators are often the least expensive; but, over time, the cost of petrol becomes more expensive than the cost of other fuels.
While petrol is readily available in most places, this may not be the case in an emergency situation. Petrol should only be stored in an airtight container for three to six months at a time. If a fuel stabilizer is added, the petrol can be used for up to three years without being contaminated.

5. Diesel Generators
Diesel generators perform admirably under difficult situations, such as freezing temperatures. Because diesel burns at a lower temperature than petrol, these sorts of generators are more durable because the engine is put under less strain.
Diesel generators use less fuel than petrol generators, which means you’ll spend less money throughout the course of your ownership of the diesel generator.

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