Where engines are concerned, there is no greater competition that that between the diesel and the petrol generator. Each generator has its own perks, advantages, and disadvantages, making each perfect for an array of use cases and applications in several industries.
Whether you are powering a home or a business, both diesel and petrol engines can provide the power required to ensure continued operations. There are several distributors in South Africa that have both diesel and petrol generators for sale, with Africa Power Equipment as the leading provider in the market.
To determine which generator is the best, it is necessary to consider the advantages and the disadvantages of both types to see where they stand out.

Which is the best – diesel or petrol?
Diesel Generator Advantages
Diesel is considered the ‘more expensive’ fuel type when compared to petrol. However, this is not always the case where generators are concerned. Diesel generators are more fuel efficient than petrol generators despite the difference in price tag of fuel.
Diesel generators are often used in situations where there is consistent use of backup or alternative power such as construction sites, farming, and several other industries where there are high demands for electricity while keeping cost-effectiveness in mind.

Petrol Generator Advantages
Petrol generators are a better option where alternative or back-up power will be used infrequently or temporarily. Petrol generators are less expensive, and they also come in a larger range of models and price ranges.
In addition to this, petrol generators also run quitter and they produce less harmful carbon dioxide fumes.

Diesel Generator Disadvantages
Diesel engines are known for emitting harmful and noxious gasses per litre, depending on how long the generator runs continuously. Diesel generators are known for being more durable, but when they break, they tend to be more expensive to fix than petrol generators.

Petrol Generator Disadvantages
Petrol is inherently more volatile than diesel and where businesses and industries carry and store a significant amount of fuel, diesel is always considered the safer option. Diesel generators are also a lot safer than petrol generators as there is no spark ignition and thus, no risk of explosion.
In addition, petrol generators also reach higher temperatures than diesel generators, leading to an increased amount of wear and tear in parts, resulting in more frequent maintenance and repairs that can become costly.

The Verdict
Most industrial businesses make use of diesel generators more than petrol generators, however, the answer to which is the best will depend on what your individual needs are, what the generator will be used for, and for how long it will run.
For heavy commercial use, the verdict will always lean more towards diesel generators due to the power requirements, the safety characteristics and components, cost and frequency of maintenance, and several other components.
However, for consumers who want to purchase a generator to ensure that they have back-up power at home for household appliances, a petrol generator is the best choice.

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