When it comes to alternative power generation, there are endless options whether the application is for a household, industrial, retail, mining, or any other industry or sector. However, there are different generators that serve different purposes, and it is imperative to choose the correct one for the application to ensure that it can deliver and meet the requirements of the user.
Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd is a supplier of a large range of generators, spread across several types used for various applications across industries in Africa.

Inverter Generators
Where standard generators rely on the speed of the engine to create single-phase cycle waves used by devices, the engine speed of an inverter engine is not crucial as the engine can power up and idle down effortlessly. The pure sine wave delivered by an inverter generator is suitable for direct connection of sensitive electronic equipment such as TV’s, laptops and other IT infrastructure, including server rooms.
Africa Power Equipment supplies a variety of inverter generators from Rato, Lutian, Atlas Copco, and several other popular brands.

Single-Phase Generators
Africa Power Equipment offers a variety of single-phase generators that typically cater for households and small commercial businesses. Single phase applications generally require anything from 1kVA up to 30kVA and are powered by petrol, gas and diesel. A single phase installation is fairly straight forward as all the amperage is going through one phase and fluctuations can easily be maintained by the generator, assuming the correct size generator has been installed.
Africa Power Equipment has a variety of generator options to suite any single phase application.

Three-Phase Generators
These generators are ideal for commercial and industrial solutions because of high and constant power demands. Although you do get three phase requirements as low as 7kVA a large majority of bigger generators, up to 4MVA, are three phase. Industrial and commercial equipment generally uses 3 phase power. Three-phase generators are some of the most popular across a variety of sectors and industries including, but not limited to:
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Agricultural
• Mining
• Construction
• Data Centres
• Factories, and more.

Petrol Generators
Petrol generators have a variety of applications from catering for emergency services, standby power for businesses, to providing power during routine and non-routine outages to households. Petrol generators can often be a cost-effective solution for smaller applications as the engines can be made a lot smaller than a gas or diesel engine. Petrol generators typically start from 1kVA up to about 10kVA and can easily be made portable. You will often find petrol generators on wheels or light enough to be carried by one or two people.
Africa Power Equipment offers a vast range from Lutian, Rato, Pramac, and Atlas Copco, to only name a few.
Diesel Generators
Despite the various types of generators available today, with advancements in technology, diesel generators are still some of the most popular sources of alternative power. Diesel generators offer big power instantly and range from about 5kVA up to 4000kVA in a single unit. Syncing two or more generators together is popular as it allows for a flexible power solution that delivers the power as and when you need it, ultimately resulting in a more cost effective and efficient operation. Diesel engines, when maintained correctly, have a long lifespan and can operate effectively in any climate across Africa.
Africa Power Equipment offers an impressive product range despite the needs of clients.
Silent Generators
Silent generators have gained popularity especially where home and small business use is concerned. They offer a variety of benefits in addition to running more silently. Silent generators come with a specifically engineered sound attenuated canopy which is designed for quiet operation but additionally offers protection from external factors such as weather and theft. Larger generator sets are often built into 20ft or 40ft containers for the same reasons as well as for easy transportation. The sound canopy houses all the internal components such as the engine, alternator, wiring, fuel tank and the automatic transfer switch (ATS). Regardless of the application, Africa Power Equipment offers a vast range of silent generators.
Open Type Generators
An open type generator is essentially an engine and alternator combo that includes a fuel tank and skid and an optional automatic transfer switch. Open sets are installed in a dedicated room or under weather protection as they do not have that protection in the form of a canopy or container.

Gas Generators
Gas generators provide an alternative to petrol and diesel and are most efficient when the site has established gas infrastructure already available. Many households across Africa are gaining access to direct gas delivery and as a result a gas generator is becoming an attractive option. Gas generators can be connected directly to gas bottles but sometimes require more pressure than one bottle can provide.
Africa Power Equipment offers a variety of gas generator options for both the residential and commercial markets.

Underslung/reefer generators
An underslung generator is essentially for power on the move. They are fitted onto the underside of a truck and can then be used to run refrigeration or any other application necessary. These reefer generators can also provide backup power, once the truck is stationary, for a multitude of uses.

PTO (Tractor Driven) Generators
PTO generators are used together with a tractor, it is essentially an alternator that uses the tractor engine to get its mechanical power. This generator set is a tractor implement and is a great addition to any farmers arsenal of farming equipment. PTO generators are therefore portable and mostly used in the agricultural sector.

Other Products
Apart from the large range of generators, Africa Power Equipment also provides:
• Alternators – Mecc Alte Alternators as well as EvoTec Alternators.
• SmartGen Generator Controllers – spread across a variety of models.
• Automatic Transfer Switches more commonly referred to as ATS. With a choice between either single-phase or three-phase ATS, ranging from 100Amp up to 1250Amp.
• Engines and parts
• Installations and Services
• Remote Monitoring

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