Load shedding is an ongoing issue for families and businesses throughout South Africa. During scheduled load shedding sessions, businesses lose valuable work hours and production capacity, while families are left without the ability to preserve costly foods and run their households.
As load shedding is likely set to continue throughout 2022, the best means of adequately managing these power outages is to be prepared with a reliable, alternative power source. Luckily, Africa Power Equipment provides a wide range of affordable generators for sale.
The variety of different generators available from Africa Power Equipment allows you to select the best design of generator for your specific purposes and for your budget. In this article, we explore some of the best generators that will allow you to be prepared for load shedding in 2022.

Inverter Generators
Inverter Generators are lightweight, portable machines that are able to produce three-phase electricity through a mechanical engine that turns a magnet in a copper winding.
The three-phase capacity of inverter generators makes them a highly efficient option due to the three overlapping electrical signals –a design which generates a greater amount of power in the same amount of time.

Petrol Generators
Petrol generators are an excellent option for those instances in which the generator will be used for back-up purposes and therefore is not required on a regular basis.
Petrol generators come in a wider variety of options than their diesel counterparts, and are particularly popular for the fact that they run more quietly and produce less carbon monoxide, providing for a less intrusive experience, particularly in homes or during smaller gatherings.

Diesel Generators
Diesel Generators are a great option for businesses that need a fast and reliable power source during both scheduled load shedding and unforeseen power outages.
One of the great advantages of diesel generators is that they are able to monitor the electric current, and are therefore set up to switch on as soon as a power outage occurs.
This is a great advantage to business operations as it significantly reduces the loss of production time during load shedding.

Silent Generators
Silent Generators are another great option for powering your home, as they do not produce intrusive engine noise when running. These generators are also a good option for corporate or office areas that cannot afford to have additional noise during important meetings and office hours.
Another benefit of silent generators is that they produce more electricity per litre of diesel, making them a wonderfully efficient investment for either your business or household requirements.

Single phase versus three phase generators
Single phase generators are a good option for instances where only a few appliances or applications need to be run during power outages. They are an affordable option in residential settings for important devices such as your refrigerator, Wi-Fi router and computer.
Three-phase generators are an excellent option where a continuous, three-phase power supply is required, such as in shops, factories, or in homes that need to be fully powered all of the time.

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