Having a generator at hand when a power outage strikes, is a sign of a well-planned household or worksite. While one can never know when the next load shedding shift will kick in, even the occurrence of natural calamities like thunderstorms may cause a need for a generator to arise.
If you want to you go about buying a generator, it is always good to know which are the top portable generator brands and how they compare with each other.
This article discusses a few of the best generator brands to help you choose which one to add to your home or construction site.
When you are looking for generators for sale or any other alternative energy products, Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd is one of the best suppliers to go to in South Africa. You can have a look at info on the top options on their website, as well as get some buying advice and in-depth reviews models, which include the following Top Generator Brands of 2021:
If you take a look at the range of portable power generators for sale at Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd, you will see why they are sought-after. The models have all the qualities that you would want in the best-quality portable generators, since they are compact, with powerful motors, high fuel efficiency, and a sturdy frame.

Honda Generators.
The Japanese automobile manufacturer is one of the largest in the world and also known for batteries, power generators, home enhancement equipment and power tools. Honda’s products are around for about 80 years and has been serving users with cutting-edge technology.
Honda is one of the best choices when it comes to both commercial and domestic applications, since the manufacturer was also one of the first that manufactured quiet motors intended for use in domestic settings.
The pros of a Honda generator are:
• Quiet operation with a maximum noise of 57 dBA
• Commercial-grade motor boasts of fuel efficiency and clean power

Yamaha Generators
Yamaha generators are quite popular because they are lightweight and compact in size, which make them easy to store and handle.
Their advanced programming options allow clever power transfer to home appliances (without spikes) to safeguard household appliances. A smart throttle changes motor speed based on the load and they have fuel tank auto dry and oil warning systems.

WEN Generators
WEN generators are cost-effective alternatives to Honda and Yamaha models. Most of them are popular because they are noiseless, with fuel-efficient motors and a user-intuitive action panel with AC, DC, and USB receptacles. All models come with detailed instruction manuals and supporting literature to make it easy for users to handle and maintain them.

Champion Generators
Champion generators come with dual-fuel technology, a low oil auto shut-off sensor and the ability to start electric with a motor switch. They have a voltage, frequency, and runtime tracker and the buyer gets free lifetime technical support and a 3-year limited warranty.

Westinghouse Generators
A Westinghouse generator gives runtime of 11 hours (both propane and gas option) and has a remote switch for easy start and stop. It can give 9,500 peak watts (2,000 more than running watts), is easy to use and maintain and comes with free lifetime technical support.

Generac Generators
Generac generators are lightweight with a compact enclosure, LED indicators for ow oil and overload, a USB port for DC charging.

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