South Africa faces a harsh and unfortunate reality that the country is constantly in an electricity crisis. Without electricity, industries in South Africa cannot ensure efficient operation, which impacts profitability and the overall South African economy.
Because of this, the demand for power generators have increased, subsequently resulting in an increase in manufacturers and suppliers who have a wide range of generators for sale at competitive and cost-effective prices.
There are many different types of generators for sale on the market, from diesel to petrol generators, inverter generators, portable generators, industrial generators, and several others.
There are also many reasons why people are investing in generators, with the main reasons discussed in the sections below.

Keep appliances running
This is one of the major reasons why more people are investing in a portable generator for their home, especially where sensitive equipment is concerned.
While South Africans receive some warning that the electric company is experiencing issues with power generation, there may be times when there are power outages that are unplanned, leaving households without power for hours, and sometimes even days.
With portable power, households can ensure that they have electricity when they need it, ensuring that their important appliances can keep running without risk to electric motors with dips or spikes in voltage.
Modern standby generators have a function that allows them to automatically start running once the power supply falters.

Prevent food spoiling
While load-shedding in South Africa may only last for a couple of hours, there are other unforeseen events that may leave households without power for longer periods such as severe storms, maintenance on power lines, and others.
With a generator, households can ensure that their fridges are connected to a reliable power source. Using a generator which is connected to solar panels also eliminates the need for fossil fuels such as petrol or diesel.

A lack of reliable electricity does not only pose a threat to sensitive equipment, but it can impact on the comfort of the household, especially during the winter where households may use heaters, or in the summer for an air conditioner.
A backup generator can easily ensure that the household’s comfort and convenience is not compromised by ensuring a reliable supply of electricity.

Peace of Mind
No one wants to feel helpless if there is an emergency, especially when there is no electricity. By investing in a generator, households can ensure that they are well-prepared and that they will not be left in the dark if an emergency occurs.

While the initial cost of a generator may be high, especially when investing in solar panels as well, it is worth it when considering that South Africa faces frequent load-shedding and that not much faith can be always placed in the utility companies.
Investment in a generator over long-term is sustainable and most modern generators have high fuel efficiency as well, which saves people money when they buy a petrol or diesel generator.
When considering that replacing an appliance because of damage caused by load-shedding will be higher than investing in a backup generator, it makes the initial cost worth it in the end.

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