Reliable Load shedding Solution: APE Generators

Load shedding has become a regular occurrence in South Africa. The impact of load shedding on businesses in South Africa has been immense. According to a recent study, 64% of small township businesses halt operations during load shedding, and 66% of business owners have cut jobs. Load shedding has increased operating costs, lost revenue, and declining margins, affecting profitability. In addition, the continuous “rolling blackouts have crippled the economy, pushed the country into a likely recession, halted business operations, and shattered foreign investor interest.” BusinessTech

The National Rationalized Specifications (NRS) Association of South Africa recently announced that they are in the final stages of revising South Africa’s load shedding guidelines.” BusinessTech  The new guidelines will bring specifics for load shedding beyond stage 8 closer to reality. This news heightens the urgency for businesses to be prepared for loadshedding to avoid costly downtime and lost revenue.

Africa Power Equipment (APE) understands the challenges that businesses face during loadshedding. That’s why they offer customized generator solutions for reliable power generation. With APE’s diesel and gas generators, power inverters, backup power solutions, and automatic transfer switches, businesses can stay fully operational during load shedding and ensure their employees’ and customers’ safety and comfort.

BPD350S3 Three Phase Diesel Generator - SDEC
APE’s versatile generator offerings is the BPD350S3 Three Phase Diesel

APE generators are designed to provide reliable backup power during load shedding. They have quick start-up times and can operate continuously for extended periods. Additionally, their diesel generators are fuel-efficient and emit lower emissions, making them an eco-friendly choice. On the other hand, gas generators are a more cost-effective and cleaner solution for businesses with access to natural gas.

Africa Power Equipment provides customized power solutions that are scalable and reliable. In addition, APE’s automatic transfer switches ensure a seamless transition from the primary power source to the backup power source, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Their products and services show APE’s commitment to innovation and problem-solving. They understand that each business is distinct and provide customized solutions that meet their requirements. In addition, APE’s expertise and experience in the field of generator solutions make them a trusted partner for businesses in South Africa.


In conclusion, loadshedding has become a reality for businesses in South Africa. The new load shedding guidelines finalized by the NRS Association of South Africa will only heighten the need for companies to be prepared for loadshedding. APE’s generator solutions offer a reliable and customized backup power source for businesses during loadshedding, ensuring their employees’ and customers’ safety and comfort and minimizing downtime and lost revenue. In addition, APE’s commitment to innovation and problem-solving makes them the ideal partner for businesses looking to stay operational during loadshedding.

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