Solar power is the future of power generation along with being the solution to the depletion of natural resources around the world. Solar is a great option for several reasons and the most important one is that it is a renewable resource which is effective at powering home and commercial operations across the African continent.
More people are making the transition from conventional, non-renewable power sources to more greener options, including solar and wind power. There is a wealth of information out there to help us prepare for complete transition and the choice to go green will pay off both environmentally and financially.
There are numerous providers of sustainable power sources, and one such company, dedicated to the move towards a greener future while ensuring cost-effective solutions, is Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd.
Africa Power Equipment ensure that they provide the “best fit” solutions, to help business’s and homeowners take a step in the right direction when it comes to renewable energy sources to power their needs while fitting into the required budget.

Solar ESS (Energy Storage Systems)
Solar Energy Storage Systems, or Solar ESS, is an upcoming trend in energy generation. ESS complements the intermittency of renewable energy which is produced by solar power systems. It stabilises the output of energy by charging and discharging both irregular and intermittent power generated by the system.
Household Photovoltaic Energy Storage Systems are a new kind of power solution which is taking the market by storm. The solutions offered by Africa Power Equipment feature the following:
• Self-consumption systems
• Modular designs – allowing expansion for any future increase on demand.
• Intelligent designs
• Long lifetime of equipment due to use of an extensive range of quality products.
• Attractive visualisations.

Solar and Battery Backup Kits
The solar kits provided by Africa Power Equipment cover a wide range of applications, with some of the popular products featured including:
• 3kW Battery Back Up Kit – 24v System 5.1kWh Li Ion Battery
• 5kW Battery Back Up Kit – 48v System 10.2kwh Li Ion Battery
• 5kW Solar Kit – 48v 12 panel with 4kwh Gel Battery Bank
• 5kW Solar Kit – 48v 12 panel 10.2kwh Li Ion Battery – Sunsynk Inverter Kit.
These are just a few of the popular kits, along with complete custom designed solutions.
Solar Inverters
An inverter is an electronic unit or device with the ability to convert or change DC into AC. In most cases, the conversion of DC voltage from batteries into standard AC voltage allows power to run standard equipment and household appliances.
DC voltage is typically lower than AC Voltage. AC voltage being that of the supply from municipal at 230-240 volts for single phase and 380-400 volts for 3 Phase depending on the country this could differ. Africa Power Equipment offers a vast variety of solar inverters that cater for the needs of individual clients and their various applications with brands including:
• Victron Energy
• Solis
• Sunsynk
• Kodak
• Alpha ESS
• Blue Mountain

Solar Panels
Solar panels are one of the ultimate ways through which energy from the sun can be harnessed, and with the evolution of technology in the solar panel industry the price per Watt on solar panels becomes more cost effective. Africa Power Equipment features a wide range of solar panels for home and business, with some popular brand names which include:
• Canadian Solar
• Trina solar
• JA Solar

Solar Batteries
Africa Power Equipment offers a variety of solar batteries spread across an extensive range. Offering the best battery storage solutions from lead acid, gel, AGM, deep cycle batteries all the way through to the advance battery storage, Lithium Ion and LifePo4 batteries. Each battery solution being utilised to the best of its ability for each suitable application from small backup systems to complete off-grid solutions.
Popular and reputable names such as:
• Freedom Won
• Blue Nova
• Revov
• Pylontech
• Alpha ESS and several others.

Charge Controllers
MPPT and PWM charge controllers convert voltage generated through solar power into the optimal voltage, providing the max charge current to the solar battery. PWM’s (pulse width modulation) charge batteries with a constant 3 stage charging (bulk, float and absorb). MPPT’s are maximum power point trackers and use a multistage charging algorithm to best charge the battery according to the set parameters.
Africa Power Equipment offers an extensive range of quality solar controllers.

Combiner Boxes and Protection Boxes
Combiner boxes work to combine the output of various strings of PV modules (solar panels) for connection to the inverter. The Combiner Boxes have surge protection within them to isolate any potential lighting strikes from damaging the other equipment on the system and visa versa. The Protection boxes have the same functionality although they do not need to combine the strings from the PV modules, but they provide the surge protection needed.
Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd offers clients a variety of combiner and protection boxes that range from 1-string up to 6-strings.

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