Discover how you can benefit when opting for trustworthy and high-performing generator brands such as FAW, SDEC, Volvo, Generac, and Perkins to achieve top-notch generator solutions.

💡Affordable Innovation with FAW Generators

FAW engines have established a strong reputation in the generator industry for their dependability, extensive usage, and outstanding blend of affordable pricing and advanced technology.

Our FAW generators range from 12 kVA to 375 kVA, offering excellent cost-effectiveness for those seeking reliable standby or backup power solutions.
These units have comprehensive warranties and engine protection systems, making them a fantastic choice for budget-conscious buyers.

For affordable solutions, click here.



💡Consistent Quality with SDEC Generators

SDEC has gained worldwide recognition for producing high-quality generators and diesel engines, recognized for its fuel efficiency and longevity. SDEC-powered generators provide easy operation and long service lives.

SDEC’s Consistent Quality Generators. Learn more here.



💡Trust the Reliability of Volvo Generators

Volvo is the perfection of reliability in various applications. Our generators, ranging from 80 kVA to 700 kVA, provide exceptional standby or prime power solutions. With premium engine protection features, our generators deliver unmatched performance and long-term investment value – Trust Volvo for your power needs.

Trust in Volvo’s reliability. Learn more here.


💡Exceptional Performance with Generac Generators

Generac is a brand that should be on your radar when seeking a dependable gas generator. Renowned for their exceptional durability, they are a formidable competitor to surpass. Generac generators also feature integrated automatic transfer switches for seamless power transition during outages.

With their quiet operation and industry-leading support, Generac generators provide peace of mind during power disruptions.

See our Generac Gas Generator Range here:


💡Unmatched Versatility with Perkins Generators

Perkins is a leading global brand known for high-quality and reliable engines, extensively used in various applications from trucks to buses and generators.
Perkins-powered generators are the ultimate choice for all your power requirements. An exceptional range of options is available, from 13 kVA to 800 kVA.

Perkins generators offer economical running costs, easy maintenance, and efficient performance, whether for standby or prime power.

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💡It’s Your Turn to Power Up

Whether you’re a homeowner in need of a steadfast backup power source or a business owner scouting for a robust, high-capacity generator, Africa Power Equipment (APE) is here to fuel your choices.

Explore our comprehensive list of generators, reinforced by industry leaders like FAW, SDEC, Volvo, Generac, and Perkins. We’re here to ensure you benefit from the remarkable performance and unwavering reliability. You’re investing in power solutions that utilize superior engine technology, offering unmatched reliability and exceptional value.

But we’re eager to hear from you too. What are your power needs? What features do you prioritize in a generator?

Your thoughts can help us provide better, more personalized power resolutions for you and others.


👉 Reach out to us today to discuss your power requirements, and let us guide you to the perfect generator tailored to your needs. We’re excited to power your future!


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  1. Good day. I am looking for a 3 cylinder diesel engine approx 1000cc. preferably water cooled. I do realize that your company specializes in generators. Kind regards


    1. Hi Phillip,

      Thank you for your message! Our team will be in contact with you to assist you further.

      APE Social Media Team.

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