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Best-Priced Perkins Engines for Sale in South Africa

Here at Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd we strive to offer some of the best power equipment that is available in the world. A part of our extensive range of equipment includes only the best Perkins diesel engines for sale in South Africa.

Engines are used in a wide variety of industries across the world, and without it the world would most certainly move a little slower and be less productive. Examples of industries which heavily rely on the use of engines are, amongst others, mining, transport, agriculture and construction.

Perkins Engines Company Limited has several decades of experience when it comes to crafting and manufacturing engines that are durable and efficient. This company mostly manufactures diesel engines that cater to a variety of markets, including material handling, power generation, industrial, agricultural and construction. Perkins has been a subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc since 1998 and was first established in Peterborough, in the United Kingdom, in 1932.

Perkins is a specialist when it comes to engine ranges and has an extremely wide range of these available. It manufactures thousands of different engine specifications, which include various diesel and even petrol engines.

More about Perkins’ impressive range of diesel engines for sale in South Africa

Perkins has been designing and manufacturing diesel engines which are durable and high-performance for more than 85 years. They strive to continuously develop their strategies to offer state-of-the-art and broad ranges of expertly built diesel engines.

The company offers their clients an extensive range of engines that can be used for an array of different purposes. Perkins prides itself in offering anything from small engines to large engines, all designed to be highly fuel efficient, deliver excellent performance and maintain low cost of ownership.

The types of diesel engines that Perkins manufactures can be divided into three categories.

1.     Industrial

Perkins industrial engines are designed to be compact, deliver high power and ensure that the costs to maintain it as kept to a minimum. These industrial engines can be used in several different industries, including amongst others agriculture and construction. Perkins industrial engines can be used to power a variety of machines, including tractors, compressors, telehandlers, excavators and even access platforms.

2.     Electric power

In a country like South Africa, it is important to always have a backup option when it comes to power generation. Continuous blackouts and an unreliable national power system could mean that your projects could come to a complete standstill if you do not have an alternative source of power. Perkins specialises in a range of electric power engines that are perfect for prime or standby power generation. These engines are crafted and designed to guarantee its owners several thousands of hours of reliable running. Perkins furthermore promises that these engines can be operated in some of the harshest and most challenging environments.

3.     Marine

Perkins supplies a range of engines that are used for a variety of purposes in the marine industry. These engines can power anything from commercial vessels to pleasure crafts. The Perkins engines used for marine purposes furthermore provide the auxiliary power for onboard electricity generation. As with all of their engines, Perkins promises that these machines are relatively low cost to own and maintain, they are durable and dependable. The engines that are manufactured for the marine industry produce less noise and emissions, as several standards and laws require.

History of Perkins engines

Perkins was officially established by Frank Perkins and Charles Wallace Chapman on 7 June 1932 in England. Their aim was to design and manufacture high-speed diesel engines. Before these two men started their work, diesel engines weighed a lot and revved slowly. This meant that diesel engines lacked some performance.

Chapman came up with a concept to design the high-speed diesel engine. Perkins’ very first high-speed diesel engine was produced in 1932. It was called the Vixen and consisted of a four-cylinder setup. The company shot up to success and in 1935 it became the first company to hold six world diesel speed records over several distances. After the Second World War, Perkins manufactured two types of engines, namely the P4 and the P6. After the war was over, the company went public, and established several licensees for local manufacturing and sale.

The benefits of investing in a diesel engine

When investing in power equipment, regardless of what kind of business you run, you want to be sure to only buy the best. This equipment needs to be durable, reliable and last a long time. This is what you can expect when buying a Perkins diesel engine.

There are several benefits when choosing a diesel engine compared to engines that run on different types of fuel, such as petrol or natural gas. Diesel engines are generally more fuel efficient and can use up to 30% less fuel than other types of engines.

Overall, diesel engines produce less CO2 emissions, which could be more beneficial for the natural environment. Thanks to the way diesel engines work, the are more powerful and will be able to get your project done in a lesser amount of time. Lastly, diesel engines have a longer lifespan compared to other engines on the market, making it a better investment for any company.

Perkins engines available at Africa Power Equipment

Africa Power Equipment prides itself in offering their customer a wide range of products so that they can select equipment that will suit them best. We have a very wide range of Perkins engines available, including but not limited to the following:

  • 40kW Diesel Engine – 1103A-TG1
  • 1875kWe Quad Turbocharged 16 Cylinder Vee – 4016-61TRG
  • 430kW Inline Turbocharged 6 Cylinder – 2506A-E15TAG2
  • Parallel Turbocharged Inline 6 Cylinder – 2806A-E18TAG2
  • 1kW – 403D-11
  • 205kW 2500RPM – 1106D-E70TA
  • 444kw – 2506D-E15TA

If you are unsure about what type of engine will suit your needs the best, do not hesitate to contact the team at Africa Power Equipment. We are dedicated to provide you with the best possible advice to successfully purchase the piece of equipment that is best suited to your needs.