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EvoTec Alternators

Top Quality Evotec Alternators for Sale at the Best Prices in South Africa


Electricity and the reliable provision thereof are essential for daily life, whether for households or businesses spread across all industries in South Africa. It is considered a basic commodity and the world is not easily survivable without it.

With many unforeseen outages in South Africa because of challenges faced by the power utility company, Eskom, many businesses, and households are investing in alternative and stand-by power to see them through and ensure that their businesses and daily lives can continue.

Most industries today require power to run smoothly such as the health, food, automotive, and locomotive industries, to only name a few.

Because of the widespread applications, there are many suppliers in South Africa that have a wide range of backup power options available.

Africa Power Equipment is a reliable and reputable supplier that offers a wide range of products, including EvoTec Altenators for sale at affordable prices.

Options for Alternative Backup Power

Battery-Stored Backup Power

When this is in place, you can continue operating lights, appliances, equipment, and other components when there is a power outage.

These systems can be connected to several types of renewable sources of energy such as solar panels, generators, and other technologies that help the batteries remain charged during an emergency.

In addition, these appliances and equipment can also be kept running through a variety of generators that run on different fuel types such as petrol, diesel, and other ways.

Solar Power

Solar power can be used either as a daily primary source of power or it can be a reliable backup power used only in emergencies. Solar panels, also known as solar modules, are installed on the roofs of buildings.

These panels have photovoltaic (PV) cells that convert sunlight into direct current (DC) power. This is then converted by an inverter into alternating current (AC) power or a standard electrical current that can be used.

In addition to this, battery systems can easily be recharged using solar power. When solar panels generate energy during the day, excess energy which is not used can be stored for use during the night, during outages, or when there are days without sunlight.

Wind Power

Many small-scale wind electrical systems can help homeowners, business owners, and public facilities to generate energy for on-site consumption.

Small wind turbines produce electricity from the wind when moving air causes the turbines to rotate, subsequently creating electricity.

Fuel Cells

These are like batteries, and they can be used to power small devices, cars, trucks, and other vehicles. They can also be used to offer backup power to buildings, homes, and facilities. However, these are extremely expensive and not widely used in residential areas.

Alternators versus Generators – Top Differences

The basic principle that surrounds alternators and generators is the same as both works on the electromagnetic law of Faraday. Generators can produce AC and DC currents, while alternators can only produce AC currents.

However, there is some architectural difference between these devices relating to armature and field, which is stationary where generators are concerned while the armature rotates. There are also several differences in their overall generator construction design, which sets both apart.

Where alternators are concerned, things work in reverse, meaning that the field will rotate while the armature remains stationary.

Generators inherently produce AC naturally, with the direction of the current changing with every half rotation of the motor. When the motor changes direction, the direction of the current will change automatically.

This makes it a natural process through which the generator produces AC. The commutator is then introduced with wires that carry the output current, which will subsequently turn it into DC even if the input is AC.

Type of Current

This is one of the main differences between generators and alternators. Generators can produce both types of currents as the output, meanwhile, with alternators, AC is the only output option.

Magnetic Field

Alternators only have one type of magnetic field while generators have two different types, one for low voltage generation and another for high voltage generation.

The magnetic field in an alternator will rotate while it will remain stationary in a conventional generator.

Stator and Rotor

This is associated with where the generator and alternator take the input supply. Where generators are concerned, the supply is provided by the rotor, while the stator is the primary supply provider for alternators.


In an alternator, the armature is stationary while in the generator, it is rotatory.

EMF Output

There is a crucial difference in output EMF in both a generator and an alternator. Where alternators are concerned, EMF output alternates while in the case of a generator, the output becomes static. In addition, an alternator cannot charge a dead battery while a generator can.

Rotation per Minute (RPM)

A generator has a narrow range when compared to an alternator, with the power output much higher than in a generator, making alternators more powerful than conventional industrial generators.

The need for Polarization

Generators must be polarized once they are installed while alternators do not need to be polarized.

On-Demand Voltage Generation

Generators always produce voltage while alternators produce voltage when it is needed by the system.

Evotec Alternators for sale in South Africa

Evotec is a reputable manufacturer of alternators, and it is also a large global export supplier that focuses on the Research and Development of both Industrial and Marine alternators.

These alternators combine the best of both German and Asian advanced science as well as technological innovation. These alternators are inherently known to outperform competitors in every area, which is why they are popular in South Africa.

There are only a few reliable suppliers that have Evotec alternators for sale in South Africa, and Africa Power Equipment is the leading supplier in the country, providing a wide range of generators and Evotec alternators at affordable prices, spread across these models:

  • EvoTec – 20 kVa Alternator
  • EvoTec – 24 kVA Alternator
  • EvoTec – 30 kVa Alternator
  • EvoTec – 40 kVa Alternator
  • EvoTec – 50 kVa Alternator
  • EvoTec – 60 kVa Alternator
  • EvoTec – 150 kVa Alternator, and several others

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