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Gas Generators

Gas Generators For Sale in South Africa at Best Prices

Since its establishment in 2013, Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd has been focused on the development of a proven record of accomplishment in providing power product sales, distributions thereof, and maintenance. The company is primarily involved in the provision of:

  • A broad range generators
  • Solar energy
  • Lighting Towers
  • Parts and Servicing
  • System Design and Engineering
  • Logistics

The company prides itself in being a problem-solving company that is innovative and provides a variety of solutions and supports from concept design, engineering, to project management and equipment maintenance.

What are Gas Generators and how do they work?

The most basic explanation is that these gas generators for sale are fuelled with natural gas, either by a direct line which is piped in by utility suppliers, or via a tank. These generators generate electricity when an internal combustion engine injects a mixture of fuel and air into a combustion chamber.

A piston then compresses the mix, a spark plug ignites the fuel, and the piston is driven down, and it turns a crankshaft. This crankshaft then spins the generator’s rotor in an electromagnetic field which generates an electrical current which can charge batteries, power utilities, and run high-wattage tools, machines, and equipment.

Types of Generators

There are several types of generators that are in use today, with gas generators becoming increasingly popular. There are two types of gas generators namely standby and prime generators.


Standby generators are common in both residential, commercial, and industrial applications. In these cases, the natural gas generator is permanently installed, and it is supplied with fuel from a local utility company.

When there are power outages, the standby generator will begin operation automatically and it will switch off automatically once the main power is restored. Standby generators are only intended to be run for a limited time during emergencies.

The reason for this is as standby generators that are used for more than this are presented with a variety of malfunctions and will lead to more repairs. Natural gas generators are perfect standby generators as they can have an unlimited supply of fuel that does not have an expiry period or a need for storage.


Prime generators are used where there is little to no local power utility, making the generated power the only source that is available. This type of natural gas generator is not as common, especially where residential applications are concerned.

Prime power gas generators have longer running times and they can handle larger loads than standby generators. When a commercial natural gas generator is required for a job site, the generator can be transported on a trailer.

Benefits of using a Gas Generator

The decision over whether to use a gas generator versus any other, such as a diesel generator is one that is important. It is therefore important to consider the benefits of a gas generator.


For homes and facilities that already receive natural gas, it is much easier to have a gas generator installed. Gas is then piped directly to the generator and there is no need to check fuel tank levels or to worry about providing gas.

Environmental Impact

Gas generators are more environmentally friendly as natural gas burns cleanly. This reduces the negative impact on the environment often caused by diesel and petrol generators. Greenhouse gas emissions of carbon dioxide are minimal where gas generators are concerned.

Emissions of nitrogen and sulphur are also decreased significantly. There is less environmental pollution when industries use gas generators as opposed to more conventional generators.


Gas generators are a cost-saving investment as they use fewer resources and have longer lifespans with less maintenance needed.


Natural gas is one of the most energy-efficient fuels which are available. It has proven to be reliable for a vast variety of uses and there is always availability of natural gas as opposed to other fuel types that may experience volatile conditions of supply and demand, which inadvertently affects the prices thereof.


Gas generators tend to be cheaper to purchase and maintain when compared to diesel, petrol, or oil. This makes it cheaper to run the generator.


There are fewer risks to health as it is non-toxic when inhaled in lesser amounts. It is also not harmful to either humans or animals. There are fewer gas emissions that occur with gas-fuelled generators than those that are fuelled by diesel, petrol, oil, or coal.

Dual-Fuel Generators

Even though most gas generators are built to run only on natural gas, there are those who can utilise either natural gas or propane or even diesel and petrol, as well. These generators are referred to as dual-fuel or tri-fuel generators.

It is difficult to find gas generators that are gas-only as well as portable for the simple reason that finding a natural gas supply on the go is difficult. Dual-fuel and tri-fuel gas generators that are portable are much more common.

There are many industrial generators in use today that are dual-fuel rated, thus opening their range of field applications. A conversion kit can also be obtained to equip a generator to accept natural gas.

Types of Gas Generators for Sale

Africa Power Equipment stocks and sells a competitively priced 20kVA – (Generac) Three-Phase Silent LPG/Natural Gas Generator – BP20S3-G.

This generator has the following attributes and key features:

  • Prime rating of 20.0kVA
  • Standby rating of 22kVA
  • 3000 RPM
  • Three-Phase
  • LPG/Natural Gas Generator
  • Canopy included in the purchase

Considerations when buying a generator

Fuel Type

It is important to consider the type of fuel that will be used, with the most common fuel types being gas, diesel, and petrol.

Type of Generator

This will depend on what the generator will be used for whether for personal and home, industrial, commercial, or other uses.


The size will depend on what needs to be powered and for how long. For home use, small to medium generators should suffice, but where heavy equipment and machinery will be run, a much larger and more powerful generator must be used.


Portable generators do not present issues as they will be moved. However, where large generators are concerned, it is imperative to ensure that the location is conducive to the purpose and application of the generator.

Our team is ready to assist with any enquiries about gas generators for homes in South Africa and other SADC countries.

We also offer an extensive range of other products, including gas generators, PTO generators, and EvoTec Alternators for sale.