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Generator Rentals

Generators for Hire in South Africa


South African citizens have grown accustomed to the fact that load-shedding will be a consistent part of daily life every few weeks, even if load-shedding is suspended for months, South Africans know that there is always a chance that it may return because of the challenges that the power utility company faces constantly.

These power interruptions do not bode well for households or industries in South Africa, and many have taken matters into their own hands to ensure that their daily lives and business activities can continue without any issues when load-shedding is reintroduced.

Because of the increase in demand for alternative options for power, there are more generators for sale and to rent in South Africa, with trusted suppliers offering these valuable pieces of equipment at affordable and competitive prices.

We offer a range of generators for hire in South Africa and offer the best generator rental prices.


Should I Buy or Rent a Generator

Many businesses need backup power in South Africa, especially those that have operations running around the clock and who cannot afford a break in production. When considering the right unit, however, many are caught up between buying or renting a unit.

The first step is to determine the size and power that is required for the specific application, regardless of whether it is for a business or household. When weighing the option of rental versus purchase, consider the following factors:

  • How often does the business or household need backup power?
  • How much the business relies on constant power.
  • How willing the company is to maintain and repair the generator.
  • Where most power is needed in the organisation.
  • What can the company afford comfortably?


Considerations before renting a generator

However, before you decide to hire a generator, there are some considerations.

  • Only use a brand and trusted rental company such as Africa Power Equipment.
  • Read the rental agreement carefully and ensure that all the terms and conditions are understood.
  • Make sure to select the right generator for the load requirements of the home or business.
  • Make sure that the generator has been tested.
  • Make sure that the generator is clean and in working condition.
  • Check the maintenance and service records and ensure that they are updated.
  • Arrange transport if the rental company does not provide its own, make sure that an eye is kept on the weather, and notify the rental company if there are any changes to the schedule.
  • Always operate the generator according to the instructions.
  • Make sure that the generator is grounded.


Advantages of Generators for Hire in South Africa

One of the most obvious benefits associated with generator rentals in South Africa is that the start-up cost is a fraction of the price of purchase. Some additional benefits of renting a generator include:

  • Lower initial cost when compared with purchases, which is an ideal option for households and businesses that have restricted budgets.
  • Availability on short notice, especially considering that there are many unplanned outages and there is not enough warning before load-shedding is reintroduced.
  • No maintenance and there is limited downtime risk because rental generators are maintained by the rental company. If the generator is faulty or experiences any problems, service technicians are typically available from the rental provider to either repair or replace the unit.
  • Flexibility with generator size – especially when considering that the business or household can return the generator that was sized for a specific task and select another more appropriate generator for another task.
  • Generator configuration – rental generators are set up by a team and provide a wide range of configuration options such as voltage selector switches, different connection options, advanced control panels, and more.
  • There are no installation costs because the rental company typically provides this as part of the overall rental agreement and service.
  • Option to rent the unit until it can be owned – this allows the client to purchase the leased generator at the end of the rental period.
  • Time of use – this allows the client to rent a generator when they need it the most instead of having the generator stand unused for extended periods.
  • The benefit is that there is a warranty as well as insurance coverage that is included in the rental agreement.


The rental cost must be compared with the purchase cost. If the cost of the generator rental is closer to that of the purchase cost, buying a generator for sale will be a better option than a rental.

Long-term rentals are common in the construction industry in South Africa, especially considering that new construction does not always have the necessary utility to provide power for some time. There are also road construction projects that require several portable generators that can easily be moved from one area to the next.

Hospitals and healthcare facilities must have constant and dependable supplies of power and they, therefore, have an inherent need for temporary backup power, especially during times of load-shedding and any other unplanned outages.


Disadvantages of Renting a Generator in South Africa

The disadvantages associated with renting a generator include some of the following:

  • Renting a generator can also work out more expensive than using rental services over a shorter term or considering a purchase instead.
  • Since the organisation or household does not own the generator, it is important to ensure that it is not damaged while in use to avoid additional and unforeseen costs.
  • There may not be any room for customisation that could be achieved when purchasing a unit for a certain configuration.


What are the Best Generator Rental Options in South Africa?

Africa Power Equipment is a trusted and reliable provider of a wide range of equipment and machines that can be used across several industries in South Africa. Africa Power Equipment offers a wide range of generators for sale, with the benefit that several generators can be rented.

The benefit of using Africa Power Equipment to rent a generator is that rentals are calculated at competitive and affordable prices, with comprehensive insurance included in the rental agreement. Africa Power Equipment offers some of the following generators that can be rented:

  • 125kVA
  • 200kVA
  • 250kVA
  • 350kVA
  • 400kVA
  • 500kVA
  • 700kVA
  • 1,000kVA
  • 1,275kVA


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