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Open Type Generators

Open-Type Generators for Sale in South Africa

Generators come in a wide range of different shapes, sizes, and types and according to their engine speeds, they can be divided into high, medium, and low-speed generators. According to the power they produce, they can also be subdivided into large, medium, and small-capacity generators.

Another classification method is to divide generators according to their control modes, uses, and appearance of the generator set. A basic or open-type generator set shows the water tank, alternator, engine, and control box that is installed on a common chassis.

The basic genset is often seen across different industries, and it can be self-starting or controlled by a microcomputer that allows it to start automatically.

We offer a range of open-type generators for sale at the best prices in South Africa.

Open-Type Generators according to their control modes

  • Manual Generators – these types are common and the genset has an automatic voltage and speed adjustment function. The operator of the generator can easily start, close, open, and stop the unit.
  • Self-Starting or Auto-Start Generators – these units are based on the manual unit, but they have a self-starting control system. When power from the grid is not detected, the unit can automatically start, regulate voltage, control the frequency modulation, automatically switch switches and shut down once a current is detected from the grid.
  • Microcomputer Control Auto Generators – these units contain a fully-performing diesel engine along with a synchronous generator, fuel, automatic compensation device, and a control panel that is automatically controlled.


Open-Type Generators according to the use of Generating Sets

  • Continuous Open-Type Generators operate year-round, and they are typically found in areas that are far away from the grid. They are also near industrial and mining enterprises to meet the various needs of construction, production, and other applications.
  • Standby Generators – The power that is required by the user is supplied by the main power and when this cuts out, or when the power supply is interrupted, the standby generator provides power.
  • Emergency Generators – In certain industries, if the main supply of power is interrupted, emergency generators will provide power to equipment such as fire protection systems, evacuation lighting, elevators, and control systems for automated production lines.


Considerations when buying an Open-Type Generator

  • Size – the size of the generator will impact the price and underestimating the size of the generator could lead to overloading which could lead to damages, unforeseen costs, and damage to the unit.
  • Situational requirements – The standby generator that is used for the home is not the same that can be used to keep operations in a factory running during a power outage. Choosing the right generator will ensure that the power requirements can be met.
  • Calculate energy usage by checking the nameplate of the manufacturer on each appliance and by adding these values together.
  • Remember that the weight of the generator will determine how portable the unit is.
  • Generators are noisy and are not welcome in all areas, especially quiet residential areas.
  • There are several fuel types to choose from.
  • Make sure to find out about the additional features that the generator model has and whether it fits into its use application.
  • Make sure that the generator is placed in an appropriate space and that it is not run in an enclosed space.


Pros and Cons of Portable Open-Type Generators

Portable open-type generators produce electricity by using either gas, diesel, petrol, or propane-powered engines that turn on the onboard alternator, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

The pros associated with portable open-type generators are:

  • They are cost-effective and significantly less expensive than ones that are permanently installed. These generators can be bought from a range of suppliers in South Africa who list them for sale at affordable and competitive prices.
  • Emergency Backup capabilities – these generators are used for emergency backup situations and can run some household essentials like lights, a refrigerator, and a heater. A portable electric generator can also be used for a job site where power tools are operated.


The cons associated with portable open-type generators are:

  • They are noisy, emit hazardous fumes, and they can overheat – for these reasons, it is necessary to keep a portable generator outside to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. It is also important to keep the generator within an extension cord’s length from the home. The generator, depending on the fuel type, will inevitably emit fumes, produce noise and heat.
  • Because portable generators have smaller wattage, they have limited usage. It will not be possible to power an entire household or luxury items such as televisions or air conditioning units with a portable generator.
  • Manual Start – unlike some permanently installed generators, portable electric generators will not turn on automatically when there is a power outage, it will require a manual start.


Types of Open-Type Generators for Sale in South Africa

Africa Power Equipment is a reputable and reliable supplier of a wide range of open-type generators for sale in South Africa, spread across some of the following models and brands:

  • Ryobi RG-1200 Petrol Generator with 1.2kVA Standby power and 1.0kVA Prime Power, a 100cc 4Stroke Air-cooled Petrol engine with a recoil start and 6.5L fuel tank.
  • Ryobi RG-1280L Inverter Generator with 1.2kVA Standby power and 1kVA Prime Power, a 97.7cc 4stroke Air-cooled Petrol engine with a recoil start and 5L fuel tank.
  • Ryobi RG-2700 Petrol Generator with 2.5kVA Standby Power and 2.0kVA Prime Power, a 196cc 4stroke Air-Cooled Petrol engine with a recoin stat and 12L fuel tank.
  • Ryobi RG-2600L Inverter Generator with 2.5kVA Standby Power and 2kVA Prime Power, a 196cc 4stroke Air-Cooled Petrol engine with recoil start and a 5L fuel tank.
  • Weima 4.2kVA Single-Phase Diesel Generator 220V/50Hz, AVR, Recoil Start in an Open Frame Trolley and Noise level of 79dB.


Tips for Generator Safety

  • Do not operate a generator in or too close to the home.
  • Do not “Back feed” power into the home.
  • The generator must be allowed to cool down before refuelling it.
  • Make sure that it is run on a level surface.
  • Ensure that enough spare motor oil and filters are kept if there is an extended outage.
  • Limit the cord length to prevent damage to appliances.
  • Only use high-quality fuel and ensure that there is reserve fuel to refill the tank.


For more information about our range of generators for sale, or other product ranges which include skid steer loaders and solar panels, get in touch with our team.