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Petrol Generators

Petrol Generators for Sale in South Africa at the Best Prices

Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2013 and has, since its inception, developed a proven record of accomplishment in the provision of power product sales, distribution, and the maintenance thereof.

Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd offers services which are customised to a variety of unique power solutions spread across several markets and industries. From concept design, through engineering and project management, to equipment maintenance, Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd prides itself in remaining a company that solves problems in an innovative manner.

Africa Power Equipment (Pty) Ltd provides the following:

  • Generators
  • Solar Energy
  • Lighting Towers
  • Parts and Servicing
  • System Design and Engineering
  • Logistics

The difference between diesel and petrol generators

A common misconception is that diesel is a more expensive type of fuel when compared to petrol, however, that is not necessarily the case where generators are concerned. Diesel fuel is still more expensive than petrol, however, diesel generators tend to be more fuel efficient than petrol generators.

However, petrol generators are a better option where infrequent or temporary use is concerned. This may be true for a multitude of reasons as petrol generators are less expensive and available in a variety ore models and price ranges than diesel generators.

Petrol generators are also known to run more quietly, and they produce significantly less harmful carbon dioxide fumes than diesel generators.

These characteristics and differences can be determining factors when considering a generator as an intermittent-use back-up power option. Having a generator that is quieter and that produces less fumes can make using a generator a more pleasant experience.

For those who use petrol generators temporarily, intermittently, or for low-load applications would not need the plethora of benefits that a diesel generator often offers.

Uses and applications


Petrol generators are synonymous with preparedness for disasters as well as emergency use during power outages.

Routine Power Outages

There are times that the power goes out for unexpected reasons and in having a back-up petrol generator, individuals and businesses can ensure that their daily routine can proceed without missing a beat.

Standby Power for Businesses

Where grid power reliability is concerned, commercial businesses have a significant amount at stake. A few hours of downed equipment and machinery may translate to millions in missed orders and customers that are lost.

By having a standby petrol generator, businesses can ensure that they have an uninterrupted power supply. Industries such as healthcare are mandated and expected to have an uninterrupted supply, which can easily be ensured by making use of petrol generators.


Petrol generators can also be used in recreational areas such as camping, amidst other activities.


A continuous source of power is not always guaranteed on construction sites, where equipment may be needed in remote areas. With the use of petrol generators, construction and operations can continue efficiently.


As with construction sites, mining environments also have areas where generators are crucial for operations. A substantial amount of the electricity used on mines comes from power generation due to mines being located off the grid.


Petrol generators are crucial in agriculture and farming operations in addition to being important as portable power when there are operations in hard-to-reach locations that are not on the grid.

Night working

Road maintenance crews are a perfect example of people who must work at night to minimise inconvenience to drivers, especially along highways, national roads, and freeways.

Benefits of using a Petrol Generator

  • Less expensive than other generators.
  • Available in a variety of models and price ranges.
  • They run quieter and produce far less harmful carbon dioxide fumes.

What to consider when buying a petrol generator

Power Output

This involves determining the realistic requirement for daily use of the generator. This is done by taking the equipment that will be used the most and adding their requirements together.

The Engine

When purchasing a petrol generator, it is imperative that the overall power output of the engine be considered along with the build quality. If the generator will be used regularly, it is necessary to choose a generator that will be able to perform the task of working constantly.

Maximum running time

This does not entail the fuel tank size but involves determining the maximum running time of the generator to obtain a realistic figure of how long the generator can run for.


It is imperative to have a generator with a powerful engine and an adequate running time, but it is also important to ensure that it has the right number and type of sockets required.


The frame in which the generator is housed is a crucial factor to consider. A well-built frame can reduce vibration as well as noise, and it can protect the generator from knocks and bumps expected on professional work sites.


A generator that needs to be moved around for various applications must be one that is comfortably portable. Weight is not an issue if the generator is going to be stationary for extended periods of time.

Types of Petrol Generators

Africa Power Equipment offers an array of petrol generators for sale which can be used for a variety of applications and uses.

Some of the most popular brands and manufactures include:

  • Lutian
  • Rato
  • Pramac
  • Atlas Copco
  • Ryobi

These generators are divided into a variety of categories depending on the type of petrol generator. In addition, the Kilovolt-amps range from 0.9kVA to 12kVA.

Single-phase Petrol Generator

  • 9kVA – Lutian – GE-LT1200B-4
  • 2kVA – Lutian – GE-LT2500ES
  • 2kVA – Lutian GE-LT2500J
  • 2kVA – Lutian – GE-LT2500S
  • 2kVA – Pramac – PMI2000
  • 2kVA – Rato – GE-R2200_L2
  • 5kVA – Atlas Copco – P3000
  • 8kVA – Lutian – GE-LT3900B
  • 8kVA – Lutian – GE-LT3900J
  • 3kVA – Pramac – PMI3000
  • 5kVA – Atlas Copco – P6500
  • 6kVA – Lutian – GE-LT8000EN-4
  • 6kVA – Atlas Copco – P8000
  • 3kVA – Rato – GE-R7000D-L2
  • 3kVA – Rato – GE-R7000D-3
  • 3kVA – Rato – GE-R7000D-L2_ATS
  • 7kVA – Ryobi – RG-7900K
  • 7kVA – Lutian – GE-LT9000EB_ATS
  • 8kVA – Rato – GE-R8500D
  • 9kVA – Rato – GE-RT10000D2


Single-phase Petrol Inverter Generator

  • 6kVA – Rato – GE-RT-R2000IS-2
  • 8kVA – Rato – Ge-RT-R3000IE-2
  • 5kVA – Rato – GE-RT-R4000l
  • 8kVA – Rato – GE-RT-R8750ID

Inverter Petrol Generator

  • 2kVA – Atlas Copco – P2000i
  • 3kVA – Atlas Copco – P3500i

Open-Frame Single-Phase Petrol Generator

  • 5kVA – Atlas Copco (Honda Engine) – QEP R5
  • 7kVA – Atlas Copco (Honda Engine) – QEP R7.5
  • 8kVA – Atlas Copco (Honda Engine) – QEP R8
  • 12kVA – Atlas Copco (Honda Engine) – QEP R12

Open-Frame Three-Phase Petrol Generator

  • 14kVA – Atlas Copco (Honda Engine) – QEP R14

Closed-Frame Three-Phase Petrol Generator

  • 14kVA – Atlas Copco (Honda Engine) – QEP S14

Closed-Frame Single-Phase Petrol Generator

  • 12kVA – Atlas Copco (Honda Engine) – QEP S12

Three-Phase Petrol Generator

  • 2kVA – Atlas Copco – P6500T
  • 5kVA – Atlas Copco – P8000T

Single-phase Open Petrol Generator

  • 5kVA – BP6500OP

Single-phase Silent Generator

  • 5kVA – BP9500SP


To find out more about petrol generators for sale, get in touch with our knowledgeable team.

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