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PTO (Tractor Driven) Generators

Best-Priced PTO Tractor-Driven Generators for Sale in South Africa


Many farmers around the world have realized that there is a dire need for reliable electric power in the agricultural sector, especially with power utility companies facing several issues, which could leave farmers without electricity for long durations.

Temporary power outages can result in downtimes in production, and it is something that can be detrimental for the farmer and the economy.

With challenges in reliable energy production and provision, there are more suppliers in South Africa that have industrial PTO tractor-driven generators for sale at competitive prices.

Africa Power Equipment is a reputable and leading supplier of turnkey solutions in South Africa, offering a range of products at the best possible price.

Introduction to PTO and Tractor-Driven Generators

A tractor power take-off (PTO) generator is one of the most convenient ways that farmers can transform a reliable piece of equipment into mobile power equipment.

PTO generators use several methods to take power from a power source, such as that from the running tractor engine through a splined drive shaft that is installed, allowing implements that have mating fittings to be powered by the engine.

Many semi-permanently mounted power take-offs can be found on industrial as well as marine engines, which typically uses drive shafts and bolted joints through which power is transmitted into a secondary accessory.

Before PTO generators became common, there were several power transmission methods such as flat belts, and several others. Experimental PTO’s were tried from as early as 1878, with a wide range of homemade versions constructed during the years.

It was not until 1918 when the International Harvester Company (IHC) marketed the first PTO on a production tractor.

After this, Edward A. Johnston, an engineer for IHC, incorporated a fascinating idea that he had observed from a French farmer and mechanic, by designing a wide range of implements that took advantage of the PTO’s feature.

Within a year, many other PTOs started appearing on a wide range of production tractors, but this remained a competitive advantage for IHC.

One point of concern with PTO generators relates to the associated shafts and universal joints which are common causes of incidents and accidents in farming and the agricultural industry.

To reduce these incidents, many implements use a light free-spinning protective plastic guard which enshrouds the PTO shaft, making it much safer in the modern day.

In addition to this, PTO tractor-driven generators make use of three-phase systems, which make them reliable and inherently more powerful. While single-phase generators use mechanical energy to create electricity, three-phase generators run sequentially with an offset of 120 degrees between them, which takes two at a time.

This produces three waves of voltage in a single cycle, which facilitates the consistent supply of constant voltage.

Reasons why you should consider a PTO Generator


One of the main advantages of these generators relates to their flexibility, versatility, and portability. These generators can be used to provide constant power, at a constant voltage, across various locations on a single farm.

They are ideal in remote areas where there are no other power sources available and in the modern-day, most farmers have more than one tractor, which means that a PTO generator can be connected to any other spare tractor.

If there are areas on the farm that can only be reached with an off-road vehicle where repairs are necessary, it makes it easy to connect the right tools to a power source with the right combination of PTO generator and tractor.

This is especially useful when there are unforeseen damages where immediate repairs are necessary. The benefit of a PTO generator is that it eventually pays for itself as it helps to improve and maintain production time.

Provides temporary standby power

One of the main applications for a PTO generator is the ability to offer standby power to private homes and households when there is a power outage.

When there is an unforeseen power outage, a PTO generator provides the perfect backup electricity, given that the generator is kept full, and the tractor is running.

Once it is installed, an optional transfer switch can easily help provide power to households.

Minimal maintenance and operation costs

One of the main misconceptions that many people may have regarding generators, especially PTO generators, is that it is a motor that will need a lot of maintenance, fuel, oil, repairs, and subsequently will end costing more than it is worth.

However, the potential failure points and maintenance of any PTO generator are minimal, even when the generator has seen extended periods of inactivity. If the tractor is running optimally, the generator will as well.

Apart from lower upfront costs and significantly lower maintenance costs, a PTO generator is powered by diesel through the tractor, which means that the fuel costs are significantly reduced in comparison with conventional generators.

In addition to this, a PTO generator does not have the same demands where maintenance is concerned, with the PTO generator needing oil changes at 100-hour intervals, even up to 500 hours.

Low Upfront Costs

Because the tractor’s engine is mainly used to power the PTO generator, it means that the upfront costs involved with a PTO generator are significantly lower, as opposed to other types of generators for sale in South Africa.

PTO and Tractor-Driven Generators For Sale

Africa Power Equipment is a reliable supplier of PTO Tractor-Driven Generators for sale from its official website, spread across the following product range:

  • 30kVA Mecc Alte Three-Phase PTO Tractor-Driven Generator (PTO30/4EV4.23)
  • 35kVA Mecc Alte Three-Phase PTO Tractor-Driven Generator (PTO35/4EV4.23)


How do I choose the right size three-phase PTO generator?

This will depend on the application and use for the generator, how much power you need and for how long. The higher the output of a generator, the more power it will provide at any given time. However, the higher the voltage, the more expensive the generator.

What are the benefits of a three-phase PTO generator?

Three-phase generators are lighter, smaller, and more portable. They also provide consistent energy, has less vibration, and gives consistent power that does not suffer variations.


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