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Underslung/Reefer Generators

Underslung Reefer Generators for Sale at The Best Prices in South Africa


When companies move products such as fruit, vegetables, and several other different foods over long distances, there is a great need for the product to remain frozen or cold at certain temperatures.

Reefer refers to a refrigerated container while ‘Underslung’ refers to a generator that is clipped to the front of a refrigerated container, or a reefer. The generator is water-cooled, and it provides consistent electrical power.

The unit is self-contained with an integral fuel tank that combines an engine, generator, battery, and a wide range of operating controls.

These are specialized generators that are for sale by many suppliers in South Africa with a thriving industry where products are transported across the country every day.

Africa Power Equipment is a popular, reputable supplier in South Africa that offers Underslung Reefer Generators for sale at affordable, competitive prices.

How do Reefers operate?

Air Cooling

To maintain a consistent and even temperature, air must be circulated within the refrigeration unit. To do this effectively, there are clearances above and below the goods in the container, which is often why products are placed on wooden pallets.

To provide enough space above the products, there are strict requirements associated with the stacking height in these refrigeration units.

As air warms, it can travel up from below the cargo and the space above the cargo allows the air to cycle back, which cools it, and pushes it into the bottom of the container until it is warmed, and rises again, repeating the process and ensuring consistent temperatures.


This is maintained by a power source and in many forms of refrigerated transport, the power source must be maintained consistently. If the primary power source fails and there is no backup, it could result in millions of rands lost.

This is why many companies use clip-on or underslung generators to ensure that the reefer is kept at consistent cold temperatures.


Where efficiency is concerned, the process allows for power to be used more efficiently, for instance by painting reefers white as the colour reflects light instead of absorbing it. This means that these containers can keep products cold more effectively than they would have if they were painted a darker colour, such as black.


Understanding the term “Genset”

The Reefer/Underslung Three-Phase Generator that Africa Power Equipment offers is designed for Genset, which may be a new term to many. When reefer units are transported across South Africa, they may not have access to power, and they subsequently rely on a Genset for power.

Genset refers to the generator set, which provides the necessary power for the reefer to operate efficiently while products and goods are in transit. Gensets can be divided into two types, clip-on gensets, and underslung gensets.

While clip-on gensets are attached to the front of the container, underslung gensets are attached underneath the frame.

Components of a Reefer Container

For the right environmental conditions to be created for temperature-sensitive products, reefers typically have different sections or components, including:

  • Interior fans – which are found inside the reefer to help circulate air and to promote effective temperature control as well as stability.
  • Control unit – which allows for the adjustment of the internal atmosphere of the reefer, including the temperature, alarm conditions, and even the humidity and ventilation levels.
  • Fresh air vent – which allows for air to enter from outside the container and for gases from within the container to escape.
  • Unit Evaporator – there is excess moisture that may damage products and this component helps to maintain the moisture inside the reefer. The unit can either heat or cool the air that circulates past it from the fan.
  • Condenser – which can either have air or water cooling and work to pull cooled air from the top of the container and discharge it under the cargo, pushing it to the back doors before the air connects and rises, flowing over the cargo to the return inlet on the unit.
  • Voltage transformers are optional on most containers.

Reefer Underslung Generators Features and Benefits

These generators are specifically designed so that they can be mounted either onto the front frame of a reefer or under the chassis of the trailer frame.

In this case, the water-cooled diesel generator can offer constant, dual voltage, electrical power to the reefer. This generator is also self-contained, and it has an adequately sized fuel tank which is combined with the engine, generator, battery, and different operating controls.

This underslung generator is also designed to be fitted quickly to most standard ISO chassis trailers. These generators offer highly competitive performance alongside unique designs.

With advancements in technology, underslung reefer generators have been designed specifically to be reliable and to offer low-cost ownership despite the industry or market in which they are used.

The generators for sale offered by Africa Power Equipment offers customers the ability to configure solutions according to their specific machine and market requirements.

Africa Power Equipment offers a 25kVA (FAW Engine) Reefer/Underslung Three-Phase Generator for sale in South Africa that has the following features:

  • Seamless power range of 21KW at 1500 RPM in a FAW 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine.
  • Waterproof Start Control Module that is both manual and automatic, specifically designed for Genset.
  • A 160L aluminium tank or 180l steel tank is a significant tank size that will ensure that the fuel supply can last over hundreds of kilometres.
  • Different colour choices
  • Forklift pockets make mounting and dismounting of the Genset easier
  • Standard 3-point plug


For what is a reefer container used?

Refrigerated containers are used for a variety of purposes including transportation of fresh flowers, fruit, meat, dairy, vegetables, pharmaceuticals, and several other products and goods.

How are temperatures set on a reefer container?

Temperature controls are one of the crucial components of a reefer container. The temperatures are adjusted on the control unit on the outside of the container following the manufacturer’s control guidelines.

How much does a reefer underslung generator cost?

The cost of a reefer/underslung generator will depend on certain factors such as the size, features, voltage, and the manufacturer. For those who only need this type of generator for one-time use, there are many rental options available in South Africa.