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Articulated Trucks

Articulated Trucks for Sale in South Africa at Affordable Prices


Articulated trucks form an essential part of any efficiently operated construction project, as they are specially designed to remove a great variety of materials from a designated site quickly and reliably.

Africa Power Equipment offers a comprehensive range of articulated trucks for sale at extremely competitive prices, providing some the essential building blocks for a wide spectrum of construction projects in South Africa.

We understand that businesses today rely on efficiency, affordability and quality in order to thrive in the ever more competitive industrial sector, which is why we are committed to providing the best quality range of heavy duty equipment at an affordable price.


What is an articulated truck?

Sometimes referred to as an articulated hauler or dump hauler, these heavy duty industrial vehicles are designed to transport all types of rubble away from a specified site in order to create a cleared space easily and efficiently.

Articulated trucks can transport any type of load over a wide spectrum of rough terrain, allowing building teams to access and clear previously undeveloped sites with minimal additional strain on their labour forces.

The design of an articulated truck was originally based on large-scale agricultural tractors, but this design has evolved over time to make them more ergonomically efficient and to reduce instances of overall fatigue in the workforce.

As such, modern articulated trucks such as those available from Africa Power Equipment are designed to be comfortable and relatively speedy, while the heavy duty suspension means that they can be operated over rough terrain without exacerbated conditions within the driver’s cabin.

Furthermore, these trucks are built in such a way that the different sections twist seamlessly over undulated and rocky surfaces, so that the back tires remain in the same drive path as the front tires, resulting in superb off road capabilities coupled with powerful all-wheel drive.

When compared to other modes of dump trucks, the articulated version allows for excellent hauling capabilities over even the most inaccessible terrain. The truck can be safely and reliably manoeuvred through marshes and swampy areas, and can handle extreme inclines or slippery slopes safely and manageably.

Added to this, articulated truck are of a size which makes them compatible with public roads, so that rubble can be transported away from construction sites to areas further afield over the most convenient access routes.


Determining costs when purchasing an articulated truck

When factoring in the costs of purchasing an articulated truck it is useful to analyse the improvements to your overall business costs when investing in such an efficient piece of equipment.

Articulated trucks are renowned for the value they add in increasing productivity and bringing down overall operational costs on each project.

When using an articulated truck, this improved efficiency is achieved by increasing production per man hour, as one truck operator could remove a much higher load of rubble than could be achieved manually.

Articulated trucks also improve man hour production by the fact that they can access areas which many other construction vehicles cannot, reducing the overall manpower and vehicle requirements needed to clear more inaccessible areas on each site.

Another area in which articulated trucks improve financial efficiency is through fuel economy. Their heavy duty and highly manoeuvrable design means that more rubble can be removed per litre of fuel.

Finally, any well-run business operation must factor in the ergonomic costs to its workforce in order to maximise its productivity.

With many large-scale construction projects, increased factors of fatigue mean that the workforce is often not able to deliver on productivity goals as efficiently as they might otherwise have been able to do.

To this end, the comfortable and ductile design of articulated truck cabins reduces driver fatigue, and eliminates the workload placed on other team members who can focus on more areas of the project as rubble removal is completed quickly and efficiently.

As such, it is a well-known fact that improved technological investments boost the productivity of an operation immensely, while also lowering costs.

To this end, it is worthwhile considering the costs of purchasing an articulated vehicle as a long-term investment that will pay dividends in terms of your business productivity, workforce efficiency, and total competitiveness.


How to choose the best articulated truck

Selecting the best articulated truck will depend on understanding your specific business requirements.

With the view that your truck will be a long-term business investment, it is best to evaluate the type of projects you will be handling. Assess the type of loads you will be hauling, the distances you will most likely need to cover, and the loading machine being used.

Next, it is helpful to scrutinize the specs of the particular articulated truck you wish to buy. In this regard, it is best to find the option that will give you the highest possible production per man hour as well as the speed, horse power and torque.

Essentially, the best productivity can be gained from an articulated truck that gives an optimal ratio of speed to weight.


Articulated trucks from Africa Power Equipment

Africa Power Equipment understands that businesses require efficiency, quality and competitiveness in order to grow successfully over the long term.

We also realise that the diversity of industries and market dynamics means that our clientele require a comprehensive selection of the best-in-class products.

Africa Power Equipment provides a powerful selection of CAT articulated trucks which cover a range of tonnages and capacity levels, while each truck is specially designed with optimal driver comfort and durability in mind.

These next generation articulated trucks are outfitted with ergonomically designed operator cabins, high performance capabilities and a wide selection of features designed to enhance your productivity.

Across our selection the options include trucks with Assisted Hoisting Control, Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy, Advanced Automatic Traction Control for improved ease of control and optimal operator comfort.

We provide instant quotes on all of our trucks and are committed to giving our clientele the best prices in South Africa. You might also be interested in our range of solar panels and generators for sale.