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Hydraulic Mining Shovels

Hydraulic mining shovels for Sale in South Africa at Affordable Prices


Africa Power Equipment is a leading provider of high quality hydraulic mining shovels, which constitute an essential part of any successful, productive and safe surface mining operation.

Our fine selection of best-in-class CAT hydraulic mining shovels for sale are provided at superb prices, allowing our clients in the mining industry to maximise their productivity, meet their deadlines and deliver their targets across South Africa.  


What is a hydraulic mining shovel?

A hydraulic mining shovel is a specially designed piece of heavy duty equipment which is used to deliver powerful digging forces to excavate and load ore and overburden, which can then be put into haul trucks safely and efficiently.

The superior digging forces provided by a hydraulic mining shovel create significantly enhanced productivity across a variety of different mining operations, while reducing the strain on the workforce and improving the overall safety conditions on site.

The use of a mining shovel will greatly optimizes the cycle times of excavation processes across all surface mining operations due to the precise level of control which the hydraulic system provides to operators.

Using these specialised machines, operators are able to lower the cost per tonne by matching the loading and hauling cycle for their operations, and the rugged attachments are designed to withstand the most demanding mining conditions.

As such, there is a broad range of crucial mining operations which can be efficiently completed using a hydraulic shovel. These include close range work, digging for hard materials, removing large or obstructive boulders, and excavating materials to be loaded into haul trucks.

Added to this, hydraulic mining shovels are also often used dig gravel banks, make cuts in support roads and create road side-berms, making them incredibly versatile in their range of applications.

The process of operating a hydraulic mining shovel is straightforward and safe for drivers. This process consists of first hoisting the bucket through the designated dig site, then moving the dipper handle to control the depth at which the cut should be made, also referred to as crowding.

Once this position has been determined, the operator simply rotates the shovel from the dig area to the dump location, before moving the shovel to the next dig location.

In this way, large swathes of ore and hard materials can be easily and efficiently removed than could be achieved with any other type of machinery, making a hydraulic mining shovel an essential part of any successful mining operation.


Determining costs when purchasing a hydraulic mining shovel

When determining the costs of a hydraulic mining shovel, it is important estimate the value of this investment with regards to the long-term financial return that it will deliver to your organisation.

As such, a hydraulic mining shovel can precisely and efficiently complete essential tasks related so surface mining which other types of machinery simply cannot do with same level of ease and reliability.

This significantly reduces the amount of time spent on this essential part of the surface mining process while increasing the value of the man hours delivered by your workforce.

The versatile applications of the hydraulic mining shovel also mean that a great number of other essential tasks can be competently and safely completed in half the time, including the digging of access routes or and the creation of new dump or dig sites.

Finally, the value of safety across any mining operation cannot be overstated. The use of a hydraulic mining shovel delivers this vital component to any operation by ensuring operator comfort and protection and eliminating the need for direct manpower on dig and dump sites.

This is also true for other areas of surface mining operations, such as with the building of roads and access routes.

All in all, the cost of a hydraulic mining shovel can be assessed as a long-term capital investment which boosts productivity, reduces overall production time, and significantly improves the safety conditions of any mining operation.


How to choose the best hydraulic mining shovel

When choosing a hydraulic mining shovel it is important to assess the operational requirements of your dig and dump sites.

To make an adequate estimation in this regard, it is useful to first consider the size of the machine you need. Too big a machine will cause unnecessary wastage on fuel and general overheads, while too small a machine will cause unnecessary delays to the rest of your operations.

Secondly, consider the type of shovel and attachment which you will need to complete the job with the maximal level of efficiency.

Lastly, it is also useful to factor in any possible additional attachments which you might need, such as an auger, breaker, thumb or coupler, each of which are designed to complete their own specific tasks.


Hydraulic mining shovels from Africa Power Equipment

Africa Power Equipment provides a high-end range of CAT hydraulic mining shovel at some of the most competitive prices in South Africa.

The CAT brand is renowned for its excellent quality and cutting-edge design, and the selection of hydraulic mining shovels available from Africa Power Equipment are built to be highly durable in order to withstand even the most rugged mining conditions.

The CAT hydraulic mining shovels are of the most popular in their class, delivering a powerful engine and efficient hydraulic system that allows for faster working speeds, which in turn creates fast cycle times and significantly increased productivity.

The engine-related quality designs mean fewer engine overhauls are required on your fleet, and the optimized hydraulic system significantly slashes your fuel consumption, which is arguably the largest operational cost of these machines.

Overall, the marked efficiency of the CAT range of hydraulic mining shovels from Africa Power Equipment allows you to maximise your profitability with improved production targets, precise deadline commitments and sound commitments to your delivery objectives.

As part of our commitment to giving our clients the best, all of our CAT hydraulic mining shovels are available at the most competitive prices on the market thanks to the support of our world-class CAT dealer network. We also have diesel generators available and have a range of TLBs for sale.