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Motor Graders

Motor Graders for Sale in South Africa at Affordable Prices


Africa Power Equipment provides deeply integrated solutions for a variety of industrial organisations and business enterprises.

As a leading provider of the best quality machinery on the market, we are able to supply our clientele with supreme motor graders for sale at some of the most competitive prices in South Africa, due to our streamlined processing which is complemented by comprehensive turnkey solutions.


What is a motor grader?

A motor grader is an essential part of any construction site, as it is used to create a clean and precise surface finish on large open areas.

The design of a motor grader allows it to complete these areas with fine detail, and the machine has numerous applications in this regard, including crowning, grading, shaping, side-casting, spreading, and levelling.

This is achieved by scraping and shifting substrate into smooth, level surfaces that are required during the crucial completion stages of construction projects, road works and in the creation of safe access routes in agricultural areas.

As such, motor graders are designed to be multi-purpose construction machines that consist of a long blade situated between the front and rear axels. The blade on this deceptively simple design allows the machine to be used in a wide number of essential applications.

In colder areas or at times of heavy snowfall, motor graders can be used to clear slush and snow from roads and access ways to quickly and efficiently create a safe passage way. They are an essential part of the road building process for both gravel or dirt roads and tarred roads.

In case of the former, the motor grader can be used in the building phase of the dirt or gravel road, while in the case of tarred roads the grader can be used to eliminate potholes and level any rutting.

Motor graders are highly useful on mining projects where they can create haul roads for trucks, and subsequently be used to grade these same routes to maintain their accessibility and safety.

In agricultural projects, graders can be used to create drainage ditches, tunrows and windrows, as well as sloped terraces for specialised farming or gardening practices. Added to this, graders can be used to shape canal banks for a streamlined water flow, and of course for any crucial ground levelling applications.


Determining costs when purchasing a motor grader

When determining the cost of any capital investment into your business, it is crucial to factor in the return which you will reap over the mid to long-term.

Therefore, when purchasing a motor grader, this investment should be viewed in line with the specific requirements of your organisation and overall business operations.

As noted above, motor graders are incredibly versatile pieces of machinery that can fulfil a number of important tasks quickly and efficiently.

The greatest saving which a motor grader affords your business is the reduction in the need for manpower coupled with the speed with which projects can be completed.

Using a workforce to complete the tasks of a motor grader is an incredibly time consuming and inefficient mode of operation, not to mention that it places immense strain on your work force which will quickly degrade their overall output capacity and therefore the productivity of your business.

Rather than consigning the levelling of a road, the smoothing of ditches, the clearing of road obstructions or the digging out of a gravel access route to a team of employees, the motor grader can be deployed to complete these crucial tasks quickly and with the utmost precision.

This frees up your workforce and teams to dedicate precious man hours to other areas of the project and significantly speed up your overall output, all resulting in greater returns to your business.


How to choose the best motor grader

When choosing the best motor grader for your specific business it is good to start by assessing the various applications for which it will be used.

These machines are designed to be versatile in their uses, but determining the most common set of applications will allow you to narrow your search to the best match for your requirements.

As with all heavy duty machinery, it is important to determine the size you will require in order to maximise its efficiency of output.

Too large a machine will lead to unnecessary fuel wastage over time, while too small a machine will cause delays to the running of your project.

Ergonomic design is another important factor when selecting a motor grader, as a comfortably outfitted machine will reduce the fatigue of your operators and enhance the output during man hours.

Next, consider the engine power you will require. Similar to size determinations, an engine with too high a horse power may be detrimental to your overheads, while an engine that is poorly matched to the required applications will obviously cause delays and even costly maintenance over time.

Finally, it is useful over the long run to choose a motor grader which is easily serviceable. The ability to conduct regular checkpoints and to choose a machine which has easily accessible parts are a vital part of preventative maintenance and will save you in overhead costs down the line.


Motor graders from Africa Power Equipment

Africa Power Equipment provides a broad selection of motor graders from the highly sought after CAT brand, which is considered a leader in its field for its cutting edge design, special features, ergonomic properties and incredible durability.

Our selection features a variety of different sizes, designs and technological advancements to provide you with superb capabilities time and again.

This compelling range includes such features as factory integrated technology, a variety of blade options, enhanced safety additions, load sensing hydraulics and direct-drive power shift transmission.

As such, the motor graders from Africa Power Equipment are an excellent addition to any number of industry sectors, from mining companies to road builders to farmers and agricultural organisations.

All of our machines are provided at the best prices on the market thanks to our broad-based network of CAT dealerships, ensuring that our clientele receive superior quality at the most competitive rate.

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