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Off-Highway Trucks

Off-highway trucks for sale in South Africa at the best prices


South Africa has a rich history when it comes to its mining industry. The country is one of the top-ranked in the world in terms of mining contribution to GDP and is known globally for production of various resources, amongst others platinum group metals (PMGs), vanadium, ferrochrome, alumino-silicates and of course gold, coal and iron ore.

In a country where mining forms such a big part of the economy, it is important to have a constant supply of high-quality equipment that can be used to expand this industry. Off-highway trucks are an important tool in various mining activities.

Africa Power Equipment is proud to be a supplier of some of the best off-highway trucks for sale in South Africa, also at the best prices.

We specialise in a range of the best CAT trucks that are some of the most popular options in the world.


What are off-highway trucks?

Off-highway trucks are large vehicles used especially in mining conditions. This means that these trucks are designed to work under brutal conditions that are ever present at most mines. These trucks have a rigid frame that are built strictly for off-road use in high-production mining activities.

The maximum capacity of most off-highway trucks range between 36 tons and 450 tons. Off-highway trucks are designed to navigate some of the toughest terrains in the world and last many years.


Different types of off-highway trucks

Off-highway dump trucks

Off-highway dump trucks are heavy construction vehicles which are only used for off-road purposes, such as mining. There are two types of off-highway dump trucks, including rigid frame and articulating frame. Rigid trucks are made to transport large materials over well maintained roads, while articulated trucks are able to handle more severe conditions.

Haul truck

Haul trucks are used in instances where mining takes place over large surfaces. These trucks possess rigid frames as well as conventional steering. Most of these trucks use diesel-electric powertrains. The diesel engine drives an AC alternator or DC generator that sends power to motors at each rear wheel.

Articulated hauler

These trucks are all-wheel drive off-highway dump trucks. In this instance, the power unit is a permanent fixture and not separable. Because these trucks feature all-wheel drive and a low center of gravity, it is highly efficient in tough terrain.


The history of off-road trucks

The very first patent for a dumper wagon was registered in 1884. This was a wagon that could be tipped over and was patented as the Graff & Hipple Wagon. Soon after this similar wagons spread across the United States and the United Kingdom. The wagon was used to decrease the amount of labour and time needed on farms and in construction.

In 1869, John Isaac Thornycroft designed the first steam-powered tipper cart. Soon after that, Wood Hoist Co. made the first hydraulic type hoists.

Off-highway trucks as we know it today are built on the ideas of Euclid Inc., who in 1934 produced the first off-highway truck. In the 1960’s Caterpillar introduced the 769 off-highway truck, which changed the world of heavy hauling. This is the same kind of off-highway trucks that are still used all around the world and is by far the most popular design available.


Brands of off-highway mining trucks

Africa Power Equipment specialises in supplying top-quality CAT off-highway mining trucks. This brand prides itself in that these trucks are engineered to perform exceptionally well, they are designed to be comfortable, and they are highly durable and last long. CAT’s off-highway trucks are able to move large amounts of material while remaining economical.

Other brands of off-highway trucks include SANY, XCMG, Hitachi, Komatsu, DAC, Terex and BelAZ.

Popular off-highway trucks made by CAT

Here are some of our most recommended off-highway mining trucks that are manufactured by CAT.

CAT Off-Highway Mining Truck – 789D

This is by far the most popular off-highway truck in the mining industry that falls within the 191-tonne category. It dominates roughly 80% of the industry and has been working hard in tough terrains for several decades. On top of that, this truck is easy to operate and to maintain.

It delivers a faster speed on the grade when compared to similar trucks, which leads to reduced cycle times and lower overall costs.

CAT Off-Highway Truck – 777E

This impressive off-highway truck can carry up to a whopping 100 tonnes and is a real workhorse in extreme conditions. It features a Cat C23 engine and a torque converter with electronic clutch pressure control transmission. This setup ensures that the truck performs exceptionally when compared to competitive trucks.

The rear wheel spindles are constructed with solid steel, which contributes to the longevity thereof. What makes it more impressive is that the vehicle is designed to electronically sense engine conditions and automatically shifts up a gear to prevent over speeding. If the truck over speeds in the top gear, the lock-up clutch is disengaged and the breaks step in to slow the vehicle down.

CAT Off-Highway Mining Truck – 785D

If efficiency in tough conditions is what you are looking for, the CAT 785D truck might be exactly the fit for your mining operations. Its mechanical drive power train and power shift transmission provides excellent efficiency. On top of that it provides control on steep surfaces in poor road conditions.

Constant power is delivered to the vehicle by matching the Cat 6-speed planetary power shift transmission with the direct-injection 3512C engine. This is done over a range of different operating speeds. This truck is truly built to survive tough working conditions for a long time.


Africa Power Equipment is ready to help you find the best fit when it comes to off-highway trucks. We strive to be a one-stop solution to meet all of our client’s needs. We deliver streamlined processes at the best prices in South Africa. Get in touch with our team for more information about our products. You might also be interested in our range of telehandlers and wheel dozers.