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Telehandlers for sale in South Africa at competitive prices

Telehandlers are very versatile vehicles and have a wide range of different functions, which is always an added benefit when considering investing in heavy machinery. Knowing that your machinery will be able to assist you in different kinds of tasks does make it worthwhile.

Africa Power Equipment is one of the leading suppliers of telehandlers for sale in South Africa.

Our range includes some of the best the world has to offer, ensuring that you are able to purchase a quality vehicle at the best price to suit your budget.

What are telehandlers?

A telehandler is a type of machine that can reach things in places that other vehicles can’t. They are multi-use machines that are able to lift up material, move it around and place it down again.

There are several different names for telehandlers, including a telescopic handler, a lull, teleporter, reach forklift or zoom boom.

Telehandlers are multifaceted hydraulic units that are used in several sectors of society, like for example construction and agriculture. It is similar to a forklift but has a boom or telescopic cylinder. This means that the telehandler is more like a crane than a forklift.

The boom can be fitted with an array of different attachments which results in the telehandler being able to be used for many different applications. This machine is truly the workhorse when it comes to any kind of job. Its versatility means that it can take on various tasks depending on the worksite and industry.

The telehandler can be fitted with a bucket, pallet fork, muck grab or winch depending on what functions you need it to complete.

The uses of telehandlers

Moving material

The basic use of a telehandler is to lift loads and to move it from point A to point B. Telehandlers are designed to be compact, mobile and highly movable. This makes it easy for the machine to access tight spaces. Examples of lifting that the telehandler is capable of, includes picking up heavy pallets in warehouses or on construction sites and moving large loads onto trucks. This machine truly is fast and highly efficient.

Lifting material

The design of a telehandler’s telescopic reach makes it easy for the machine to deliver material to heights which are impossible to reach with other equipment. This makes it perfect for construction sites, as the telehandler is able to reach across hindrances and obstacles on a site.

Cleaning and recycling

Telehandlers are commonly used for waste removal, cleaning up worksites and even in the recycling industry. The fact that the machine can be fitted with so many different appliances, makes it a good candidate for clearing up debris, moving dirt and organising different piles of waste. The machine can be fitted with buckets to carry materials, with hooks to tow objects and other vehicles, with blades to push and grapples to pick up and grab items.

What are the benefits of a telehandler?

The benefits of having a telehandler in your arsenal of machines and equipment are endless. Because it is such a versatile and multi-purposed machine, you can’t really go wrong when acquiring a telehandler for your operations.

Here are some of the benefits that telehandlers offer.

It is able to lift heavy loads

If your work constantly requires heavy lifting of different types of loads and goods, the telehandler might be your best option. The machine is able to lift heavy loads of various materials, including loose materials or materials that are stacked on pallets.

Because of the machine’s manoeuvrability, it is able to move diagonally to pick up loads that ordinary forklifts would not be able to do.

Telehandlers are multipurpose and adaptable

Versatility is perhaps one of the biggest benefits of having the services of a telehandlers. Because its boom is made to handle a wide variety of different attachments, you can get a lot of different tasks done efficiently and quickly.

One of the attachments that can be used on a telehandler includes forklift carriages, which enables the telehandler to lift anything from pallets to wood. Scoop and bucket attachments are used to swoop up loose material like sand, gravel and earth. Crane jibs allow the telehandler to lift materials that are not suitable for pallets or that are unusually shaped. Lastly, even a platform can be installed onto a telehandler to lift up workers when they have to complete work at certain heights.

Having this variety of attachments and uses for one machine will save costs significantly as you will not have to invest in different machinery for each of its uses. Furthermore, it saves you time on construction sites as there is less hustle and bustle and many of the jobs can be completed by one machine.

Telehandlers can be operated on tough terrain

Most telehandlers are available in four-wheel drive which allows the machine to travel on tough and bumpy surfaces and roads. These kinds of uneven roads are frequently found on farms, construction sites and mines, which makes the telehandler the perfect addition to a fleet that has to complete work in difficult conditions.

Even though telehandlers are excellent machines to use in off-road settings, they are also able to operate on normal roads and flat surfaces to simplify loading and off-loading of trucks and other large vehicles.

History of the telehandler

The first known telehandler, called the telescopic forklift, was created in 1977. This model, known as the JCB 520 Loadall Telehandler, was a two-wheel drive machine which featured a forklift, crane and a backhoe. The popularity of the telehandler spread like a wildfire and a year later JCB created a four-wheel drive telehandler with a variety of different attachments.

Soon after that, other manufacturers, including CAT, JLG and Bobcat, started creating their own telehandlers.

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We stock a range of some of the best telehandlers available in the world. Get in touch with our team to enquire about this fantastic machine.

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