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Wheel Dozers

Wheel Dozers for Sale in South Africa at Affordable Prices


Africa Power Equipment is a leading supplier of heavy duty machinery to a wide array of organisations and businesses across South Africa.

We understand that successful business growth in the industrial sector relies on efficient production, a strong workforce and valuable business capital.

You can find a range of competitively priced wheel dozers for sale in South Africa from Africa Power Equipment.

We are committed to providing the best-in-class machinery and equipment at highly competitive prices for a myriad of businesses in South Africa, allowing our clientele to conduct their operations with the best equipment available on the market.


What is a wheel dozer?

A wheel dozer is a highly versatile support machine which combines the abilities of a tractor with the flexible capacities of a wheel loader.

Wheel dozers form an essential part of any heavy duty fleet across a range of industrial projects, including mines, construction sites, quarries and engineering tasks.

Wheel dozers have a strongly positive impact on the productivity of these projects due to the versatile number of tasks which these powerful machines can be used to carry out.

The most popular applications for wheel dozers include stock piling, reclamation, dump area maintenance, clean-up operations, blasting area removals, and the hauling of debris from road construction and maintenance sites.

Wheel dozers are available in different sizes and while they work best on level ground they can also be applied on undulating or rugged surfaces with the use of outriggers which reinforce their stability.

Wheel dozers stand apart from other dozer designs for their advanced speed, which allows them to perform more tasks at optimal levels, as their increased speed means that they can cover more ground in less time.

These dozer types are also more agile than other designs, so that the number of applications for which they can be used is notably increased.

While wheel dozers are strong enough to handle most rugged terrain, they are also excellent when working on more delicate surfaces such as parks and established residential areas, as the design of their inflated wheel means that they roll over these surfaces without causing damage to areas that need to be preserved.


Determining costs when purchasing a wheel dozer

When determining the costs of purchasing a wheel dozer for your organisation it is useful to assess the specs of the particular machine you require, as such a purchase constitutes a long-term capital investment for your business.

The value which a wheel dozer will add in terms of boosted productivity makes it an indispensable addition to an efficiently run project.

Wheel dozers can complete tasks with twice the speed of many other machines, cutting your production time by half and alleviating the load on your workforce which can then be applied to other crucial areas of your project.

This also saves expenditure on other machines, such as trucks or tractors, which would take longer to complete the task of a wheel dozer, significantly cutting down your overall costs over the mid to long-term.

Choosing the most cost-effective wheel dozer for your organisation’s requirements primarily comes down to determining the most appropriately sized machine.

A wheel dozer that is too small for your capacity requirements might not be able to keep up with the rest of your fleet, while an oversized wheel dozer may cause unnecessary wastage in fuel expenditure and overheads.

Having determined the best sized wheel dozer for your capacity requirements, it is also important to pair it with the right blade size. You should aim to find a blade size that will complete the required application as efficiently as possible.

There are a number of different blade sizes and designs available, giving you a wide range of options, whether it be a narrower, powerful blade or a wider and more lenient blade for sensitive surfaces.

All in all, determining the costs of the wheel dozer involves making a precise assessment of your own site requirements and matching these to the right equipment.

With the comprehensive selection of wheel dozers available at Africa Power Equipment, there is a machine to suit any type of specification, whether it be to penetrate hard materials, conduct a precise clean-up operation, or complete widespread applications across a mine site.


How to choose the best wheel dozer

There are a number of important criteria which you should keep in mind when choosing a wheel dozer so that you can ensure the right fit for your specific business purposes.

Firstly, consider the tasks which the wheel dozer will most likely be tackling on a regular basis, as this will help you to narrow down your selection in terms of both size and attachments.

Secondly, evaluate the maintenance costs which you will entail and ensure that you have a brand of wheel dozer which can comfortably accommodate this evaluation, from access to parts to refuelling requirements.

Thirdly, consider the safety requirements of your particular job site and ensure that the wheel dozer you purchase has all the necessary capabilities to meet these requirements built into its design.


Wheel dozers from Africa Power Equipment

Africa Power Equipment offers a comprehensive selection of the best-in-class wheel dozers which are for sale at extremely competitive prices.

Our range of CAT wheel dozers offer versatility and high production value, while the different scrapers and dozer sizes allow you to choose the best dozer for your specific requirements.

CAT wheel dozers are renowned for their durability and their capacity to meet a number of different heavy duty tasks. Added to this, CAT wheel dozers are ergonomically designed to provide maximal comfort to your operators and significantly reduce the strain on your workforce.

This high quality brand of wheel dozers is easily serviceable with an incredibly affordable set of maintenance requirements, adding real value to your organisation and significantly enhancing the overall productivity of your fleet.

Africa Power Equipment is able to offer you an instant quote on all of our products, and our helpful customer service team is ready to answer any of your questions so that you can choose the best wheel dozer at the most competitive price on the market.

Our product range also includes motor graders and wheel loaders.