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Wheel Loaders

Wheel Loaders for Sale in South Africa at Affordable Prices

Africa Power Equipment is a leading provider of essential heavy-duty machinery offered at the best prices on the market.

Construction forms a vital part of industry in South Africa today, as these companies contribute to vital growth and infrastructure around our country.

We understand that construction companies require the best-in-class machinery and equipment to boost their growth and productivity, which is why we are committed to providing access to the highest quality brands and designs at the most competitive prices available.

Our comprehensive selection of wheel loaders for sale offer an essential element to any productive and efficient construction fleet that will offer you an incredible investment for which your business will reap the rewards time and again.

What is a wheel loader?

Wheel loaders are an essential part of any well-operated construction site. These powerful and functional heavy-duty pieces of equipment allow users to easily and efficiently scoop and load a variety of rubble and other materials into trucks for removal.

A wheel loader has a similar design to that of a bulldozer, with the exception of the large bucket attached to the end of an operational arm that can be used to scoop and lift rubble and materials.

Wheel loaders are run on a continual track system instead of wheels, giving it optimal manoeuvrability while also allowing it to travel over surfaces which are still under construction without causing damage.

Used in both construction sites and other broader excavation projects, wheel loaders are used not only to scoop and lift rubble and dirt from a site but can also transport these further afield to designated transportation zones for trucks.

This makes wheel loaders wonderfully versatile pieces of equipment that allow for the more streamlined and efficient operation of any number of large-scale projects.

Apart from their use in construction projects, wheel loaders are also used in landscaping and agricultural projects, and the broad selection of sizes and available fittings for the fork make it an adaptable piece of equipment for many different types of projects.

Determining costs when purchasing a wheel loader

In order to get the most out of your investment in a wheel loader, it is useful to consider a few important factors that will help you select the best machine for your particular business needs.

Firstly, it is important to consider the best sized wheel loader for your general project logistics. When factoring in size, consider the type of material you need to move, the amount, frequency, and the weight you are transporting on a daily basis.

Secondly, fuel efficiency is an important factor in determining your costs when purchasing a wheel loader. A wheel loader with too high or too low a horse power will cause unnecessary fuel wastage, and using the incorrect horse power for your needs may also impact the lifetime of your machine.

Thirdly, choose a wheel loader designed to optimise the ergonomic efficiency for your workforce. Cabs designed with driver comfort in mind will minimise fatigue and enhance the overall man hours which your employees can safely provide.

Finally, it is useful to source a wheel loader which can be easily serviced with parts that are readily accessible.

This will significantly decrease your overall maintenance costs over time and also eliminate time wasted on overly complicated repair jobs, or on long waits for parts that are not easy to source.

How to choose the best wheel loader

Choosing the best wheel loader will involve considering a list of criteria that match your business requirements to the best quality machine at a price which works for you.

When evaluating this criteria, it is important to do a sufficient amount of research on the different areas of work which the machine will have to cover.

As such, how diverse are the work tasks which the wheel loader must be able to cover? Will it need to be regularly transported between a number of different sites? Which arm will provide the best force for the attachments used in your projects?

Next, it is vital to source a wheel loader brand that is known for its durability, as this heavy-duty machine will be a long-term investment into your business capital.

In order to maximise the efficiency of your output when using a wheel loader, it is also important to invest in the correct attachments, which will involve determining the bucket sizes and types which best match the material that you will be handling.

Finally, look for fuel efficiency in order to keep your general overheads as low as possible, while a wheel loader with a strong resale value will mean that the value of your investment can be transferred down the line if needs be.

Wheel loaders from Africa Power Equipment

Africa Power Equipment offers a powerful selection of wheel loaders from two leading market brands, namely Revaro and CAT.

Our range of Revaro front end loaders come in a variety of capacities, maximum dump strength and sizes, and are extremely useful in projects that require the regular removal of large quantities of dirt, sand and other materials.

The great benefit of a front end loader is that it can remove these materials quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing the strain on your workforce and improving the speed and scheduling of your project on the whole.

Our CAT range consists of both compact and large wheel loaders, both of which are designed with optimal cabin space and incredible joystick control for precise execution across a range of different functions.

This excellent control means that operators can deploy maximal strength and efficiency when clearing sites, and the ability to choose between both compact and large wheel loaders gives a broad number of options to any number of businesses, from agricultural enterprises to large mining sites.

Our range of wheel loaders are available for sale at extremely competitive prices to the market in South Africa, and our customer support team is able to provide an instant quote on any machine that you may require. We also have a range of articulated trucks and hydraulic mining shovels for sale.