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Diesel High Pressure Washers

Top-quality diesel high-pressure washers for sale at the best prices in South Africa

Although there are many different types of high-pressure washers to choose from, a machine that is driven by a diesel-powered engine remains the best for the toughest and dirtiest jobs.

Africa Power Equipment boasts with a large selection of all kinds of pressure washers, catering for individuals who might want to purchase a pressure washer for domestic uses, like washing cars and patios, to larger companies who are part of the construction or mining industries.

We supply diesel high-pressure washers for sale at competitive prices in South Africa.

Trying to clean off stubborn dirt, like moss, graffiti, oil or grease can seem nearly impossible with traditional cleaning methods, like spraying it down with a garden house pipe or scrubbing it with brooms. High-pressure washers are designed to effectively clean large surfaces in a small amount of time.

Pressure washers work with an engine or motor to power a pump. This pump drives water at high pressure through a small nozzle. These powerful jets of water blast away dirt particles on various surfaces, such as walls, floors, roads and walkways. High-pressure washers are also used to clean heavy machinery and industrial areas such as mines, where dirt and grease can accumulate to extreme amounts.


The benefits of using a diesel high-pressure washer

When having to make the decision on which type of high-pressure washer to buy, it can be easy to become confused due to all the available options. Weighing the benefits of each type of pressure washer against each other will help you to make an informed decision that will suit your specific needs.

Here are some of the most notable benefits of using a diesel high-pressure washer.

Cost efficient

There are many characteristics of diesel high-pressure washers, that in combination with each other result in a machine that is highly cost efficient.

Compared to other types of high-pressure washers, those that are powered by diesel tend to be more rugged, which means that it can be used to take on some of the most arduous jobs. Because of its sturdiness you will be able to complete largescale jobs in the least amount of time.

Furthermore, these machines are fuel efficient thanks to the high compression of the engine. This means that you will not have to refill its fuel tank frequently. It also means that you will be spending less money on buying fuel.

The parts of diesel high-pressure washers are very durable and are supposed to last a long time, which lessens the costs of maintaining such a machine. You will also get the most service and longest time out of these machines before having to replace them.


Unlike high-pressure washers that are electrically powered, these pressure washers are driven by a diesel engine. This means that you do not need a source of electricity to power your pressure washer. This is ideal for situations where work has to be done outdoors and outlying areas. The only downside is that a diesel high-pressure washer cannot be used indoors or in enclosed areas due to the fumes that are released by the engine.


Due to the fact that diesel high-pressure washers are driven by an engine and not a motor, it is able to spray water at a greater speed and pressure. This is handy when you need to clean up stubborn dirt and grime or if you have a large surface that needs cleaning. Some diesel high-pressure washers have the ability to create pressure of more than 248 bar, which is enough power to ensure that any stubborn dirt will be forced to budge.


How to maintain a diesel high-pressure washer

Looking after any equipment and maintaining it regularly is of utmost importance to ensure that it lasts long, avoid breakages and at the end of the day save you money on repairs, or even worse, having to replace your machine prematurely.

Here are some maintenance tips to ensure that your diesel high-pressure washer lasts as long as possible:

  • After every use, ensure to release pressure in the system by pulling the trigger on the spray gun until all the water has left the hose. You can also disconnect the components used for spraying, including the spray gun, the wand and the hose. Be sure to clean off any dirt or debris from the pressure washer before storing it.
  • Some longer-term maintenance steps include changing the oil after 50 hours of using the machine, replacing the air filter every 25 hours, cleaning or replacing the spark plug after every 100 hours of using the machine and lubricating O-rings regularly.
  • If you are planning on storing your pressure washer over longer periods of times, longer than a month, you should follow some steps before doing so. Be sure to remove all traces of leftover detergent from the machine to prevent clogging. Disconnect the diesel high-pressure washer from water and ensure that there is no water left inside the machine. Remove all remaining fuel from the machine. Be sure to leave the pressure washer in a dry place, away from heat.
  • Major maintenance and services will include replacing the spray nozzle, micro-switches, replacing the oil in the pump and adjusting belts.


Why do pressure washers work so well?

When looking at scientific facts, water cleans surfaces well due to the slight polarity of its molecules. The polarity causes dirt to stick to the water, making it easy to wash it away. When combining the power of water with the power of a high-pressure washer, the results are naturally that surfaces can be cleaned easily from stubborn dirt and grime.

Apart from diesel high-pressure washers, Africa Power Equipment also specialises in other types of pressure washers, including machines that are electrically powered and machines with petrol engines. If diesel high-pressure washers don’t seem to be the correct fit for you, it might be worth it to consider some of the other types of machines available.