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Electric High Pressure Washers

Electric high-pressure for sale at the best prices in South Africa

Since 2013 Africa Power Equipment has been dedicated to providing customized services for a variety of product solutions in a wide selection of markets. One of our specialised ranges of products include electric high-pressure washers of only the best quality and durability.

We pride ourselves in providing electric high-pressure washers for sale at the best prices in South Africa.

We have compiled a guide about these invaluable machines to help you make an informed decision when investing in one of our top-quality products.

What is an electric high-pressure washer?

An electric high-pressure washer is a power tool that is used to clean large surfaces with great speed and very effectively.

These high-pressure washers can be used in several different ways, both domestically and industrially. A pressure washer can be used to clean anything from vehicles and driveways to construction sites and retail spaces.

The stream of water that is released by an electric high-pressure washer is strong enough to remove almost anything that is unwanted on a surface. This includes loose paint, dust, dirt, mould and even chewing gum. The high-pressure water can be sprayed onto different surfaces, including walls, floors, vehicles, parking lots and decks.

How does an electric high-pressure washer work?

An electric high-pressure washer works with an electrically powered motor that drives a water pump. A hose is connected to the machine, after which the pump speeds up the water to create high pressure. The high-pressure washer consists of a spray hose from which the water is released at a very high speed. This hose has a nozzle at the end. When the washer’s trigger is pulled, air is mixed with the water inside the machine, causing it to come out of the nozzle. An electric high-pressure washer can clean surfaces with a force of up to 75 times of that of a normal garden hose.

Why do pressure washers work so well?

Water is scientifically proven to clean surfaces very well due to the slight electrical polarity of its molecules. That means the one end of its molecule is positively charged while the other is negatively charged. This causes particles to stick to the water, resulting in them being swept away by the water. When soap or other cleaning solutions are added to water, it increases the water’s efficiency to clean by breaking down dirt, which makes it easier to be washed away.

When this combination of water and detergent is added to the power of an electric high-pressure washer, you have a fool proof way of getting rid of even the toughest stains and impurities on most surfaces. The water that is ejected from a high-pressure washer hits surfaces with high kinetic energy due to the extreme speed that it travels with. This high kinetic energy forces away particles with great efficiency without causing damage to hard surfaces.

The benefits of using an electrically powered high-pressure washer

There are different kinds of high-pressure washers available, the main difference between them being how they are powered. High-pressure washers can either be powered by electricity, diesel or petrol. It is important to be aware of the differences between these pressure washers before taking the step to acquire such a machine.

There are several benefits of using an electrically powered high-pressure washer, depending on what your specific needs are.

Electric high-pressure washers are easy to use and to maintain

After buying an electric pressure washer it can be used immediately once it is connected to an electrical power source. Other types of pressure washers might need more maintenance and have more parts that might need to be replaced, including an engine that has to be serviced regularly.

Because electric high-pressure washers are considerably lighter in weight than other types of pressure washers, it is easier to move around and transport to where you need to use it. This benefit makes the washer easier and safer to use.

Electric high-pressure washers do not need fuel to be operated

The name of this machine is quite self-explanatory – it does not require fuel, like diesel and petrol, to be operated. Because the pressure washer is powered by electricity, it also needs no time to cool down between uses, as other pressure washers must. Once pressure washers run out of fuel, they have to be switched off for the engine to cool down before more fuel can be added. An electrically powered high-pressure washer can simply be connected to a power supply after which it is ready to use. This can save the user a considerable amount of time.

Electric high-pressure washers make less noise

When compared to other types of washers, the electric pressure washer makes far less noise. The noise that an electric high-pressure washer produces can be compared to the noise a conventional washing machine makes. Its quietness is a benefit seeing as the machine can be used any time of the day without the worry of creating a disturbance around you. Also, no protective equipment is needed for the operator’s ears.

Electric high-pressure washers are better for the environment

Because electric high-pressure washers do not require oil or fuel to be operated, they are more environmentally friendly, do not omit fumes or gas and it eliminates accidental spillage. These washers can also be used in enclosed spaces thanks to the lack of fumes that are released.

Electric high-pressure washers are less expensive

This type of pressure washer is usually less expensive than other pressure washers that are powered by diesel or petrol. You will also be able to save money by not having to buy fuel and the parts are generally less expensive to maintain. This makes the electric high-pressure washer more accessible to the wider population, including people who wish to use it for domestic reasons or for industrial use.

Africa Power Equipment offers a wide range of electric high-pressure washers, all with unique specifications, to ensure that every client’s individual needs can be met. Enquire with our team if you need further assistance or advice regarding the purchase of one of these top-quality machines. You might also be interested in our range of diesel pressure washers and petrol pressure washers.