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Petrol High Pressure Washers

Top-quality petrol high-pressure washers for sale at the best prices in South Africa

High-pressure washers are exceptionally popular tools that can be used in various industries, ranging from construction and agricultural to industrial cleaning and even domestic use. Africa Power Equipment is committed to offering our clients only the best when it comes to top-quality equipment, petrol high-pressure washers being one of them.

Africa Power Equipment has a wide range of petrol high-pressure washers for sale the best prices that you will find in South Africa.

Having an extensive selection of these versatile machines is important to us because we want to be able to suit every client’s individual needs. Petrol high-pressure washers are arguably some of the best tools to use when it comes to cleaning all kinds of surfaces, as it gets the job done quickly and thoroughly.

We strive to help our customers to make informed decisions about the products they want to purchase, so we have compiled this guide to give you a rundown on what exactly petrol high-pressure washers are, how they work and what benefits they offer.

What is a petrol high-pressure washer?

A petrol high-pressure washer is a machine that contains a petrol engine to run a pump. The pump pushes water through a nozzle at high pressure. This water is so sprayed at such high pressure that dirt and other unwanted particles are blasted away from various surfaces, including floors, walls, roads and even decks and patios.

The benefits of using a petrol high-pressure washer

There are several benefits of using a pressure washer that is powered by a petrol engine. It is best to compare these benefits with those of other pressure washers, such as electric and diesel powers high-pressure washers. By doing this you will be able to buy a pressure washer that will meet your exact needs.

The good news is that Africa Power Equipment sells petrol, diesel and electric powered high-pressure washers.

Here are some of the benefits that petrol high-pressure washers offer.

Petrol high-pressure washers are more efficient

The fact that these high-pressure washers are driven by petrol engines ensures that the machine is more powerful compared to other pressure washers. Because it is more powerful, it will save the user time by being able to clean large surfaces in a shorter amount of time.

Petrol high-pressure washers are portable

A petrol high-pressure washer has an engine that is, of course, powered by petrol. This means that there is no need to connect the pressure washer to a power source, such as an electrical plug. Thus, a petrol pressure washer is not bound to the availability of nearby sources and can be used anywhere the user requires it to be. This is ideal for construction sites, farms and other outdoor projects that might not be near a power source.

Petrol high-pressure washers are durable

Another benefit of having a petrol high-pressure washer is that it is more durable and reliable. The fact that it contains an engine instead of a motor means that it is of superior quality. This adds to the pressure washer’s overall lifespan, and it is likely to be used for a longer time. If the pressure washer is well maintained, it can be used daily without any problems.

The history of high-pressure washers

The first ever pressure washer was created, accidentally, by a man called Frank W. Ofeldt II in 1926. He worked at a company that produced gas-fired water heaters and boilers. He was also a maker of whisky stills.

While he was working on a whiskey still, Ofeldt discovered that steam forced at high pressure through a small hose was a really effective way of cleaning grease off his garage floor.

Today, pressure washing is an endless industry with a myriad of sophisticated pressure washers to choose from.

Africa Power Equipment’s range of petrol high-pressure washers for sale

We offer a great selection of petrol high-pressure washers of the highest quality.

Here are some of the petrol high-pressure washers to choose from.

Petrol Cold Water Cleaner – T140/11-P

This petrol high-pressure cleaner produces strong jets of cold water and is driven by a Kohler petrol engine. It produces pressure of up to 140 bar and features a flow rate of 11 litres per minute. There is an option between a two-wheel trolley or a four-wheel moon buggy trolley. This pressure washer includes a gun, a lance, a hose of 10 meters and a nozzle.

Petrol Cold Water Cleaner – T500/21-P

Another popular high-pressure washer is the T500/21-P, which consists of a petrol engine made by Kohler. This pressure washer can produce up to 150 bars’ worth of pressure and boasts with a flow rate of 21 litres per minute. Furthermore, it consists of a skid frame and includes a gun, lance, a 20-meter house as well as a nozzle. There is an option to add a chemical pickup.

High-Pressure Washer – Petrol RATO – 18L/Min

This impressive petrol high-pressure washer is perfect for larger projects and is extremely effective when it comes to cleaning surfaces. It features a RATO R420 engine with 15 horsepower (HP). The maximum pressure goes up to a whopping 248 bar and the water flow is rated at 18 litres per minute.

High Pressure Washer – Petrol RATO – 25.9L/Min + 300L Tank

This high-pressure washer is a real workhorse, and it is ideal for industrial and construction purposes. It has a large tank that can carry up to 300 litres of water. The machine features a RATO R420 engine with 13 HP and produces pressure of 206 bar. The water flows up to 25.9 litres per minute.

It is clear to see that high-pressure washers, especially those powered by petrol engines, are a popular tool in various industries of society. They can be used on all kinds of surfaces to clean effectively and quickly. Whether you are looking for a pressure washer for largescale projects, or a smaller washer that can be used for businesses and domestic reasons, Africa Power Equipment is your one-stop establishment when it comes to the supply of high-pressure washers.

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