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Africa Power Lighting Towers

The Best Africa Power Lighting Towers for Sale in South Africa

Lighting towers are incredibly easy and versatile pieces of equipment, used to provide an extensive amount of light.

They can be used on construction sites, at sporting events or even at entertainment events, to effectively make the space safer and easier to navigate.

A lighting tower is a nifty bit of equipment and because it is designed to be portable, what with it being on wheels, those using it can be flexible with their setup. The lighting is also available in various strengths, giving you an array of options, which allows you to easily customise your lighting according to your specific needs.

At Africa Power, we are one of the biggest suppliers of various types of construction equipment and this includes various lighting options. One of our more popular lighting tools are our Africa Power Lighting Towers.

What is a lighting tower?

Lighting towers are incredibly simple and highly effective pieces of equipment designed to provide light. They consist of an extendable rod on top of which sits powerful lights. These lights are designed in such a way that they can be extended quite high up, to provide light to even the darkest corners of any area.

Light towers are a compact piece of machinery. The equipment comes with its own energy generation unit, which is attached to the bottom of the light. The addition of a generator is extra helpful, because it ensures that the light can be used in those places where an energy source unavailable.

Because the machine is compact, it is able to be placed in even the smallest of places.

Depending on what your lighting needs are, you can hire or buy a number of lighting towers and strategically set them up so that they are in the perfect position to provide you with more than enough light to complete those projects which might be on a deadline, or have enough light to host an event.

Africa Power Lighting Towers

The Africa Power lighting Towers are some of the best you will find on the market. In fact, they are some of the best you will get in Africa. These towers are designed to have their own generator which means less planning on your part, and they are manufactured to withstand most of the harsh African landscapes in which they might be used.

Africa Power Lighting has a small range of towers but although the range is not as great in number as other lighting tower companies, the two you can hire or buy are more than able to meet your needs.

Both of the lighting towers are manufactured using the strongest materials and they are made using innovative technology, ensuring that they will meet the industry standards as well as your expectations. This equipment is really safe to use and it is easy to install, regardless of where you need it.

To guarantee that clients get their hands on the best possible lighting, the team can assist in helping you choose the right light no matter how unique your needs might be.

How to use a light tower

Lighting towers are incredibly easy to use, especially if the tower you are opting for has its own generator attached to it. This machinery is designed to be simple to get to grips with, and when you decide to use one, you won’t need much knowledge to get the most out of it.

When you need a lighting tower, it is as easy as ordering one and then organising where you will need it delivered. Once you have it, you can quite easily move it into place by steadily pushing it around.

With its wheels designed to take on even the most rugged terrain, you can position it just about anywhere you need it. The equipment is designed to be stable, so you won’t have to worry about it crashing down in a breeze. Once you have the lighting in place, you will need to make sure that the generator is fuelled, and after that you should be ready to go.

Should you find that after placing it, it is not in the ideal position, you can move it without fuss to where you need it.

Clients throughout Africa have found great use from having a light tower. It minimises costs and is an effective lighting solution, regardless of where you are placing the lights.

Industries and clients of all types have found having lighting equipment incredibly useful, especially as it tends to minimise costs especially those relating to electricity. The money saving costs as well as the fact that with these towers you don’t need to worry about having to have an electricity source nearby, means you can look forward to using light towers no matter where you are in Africa.

Benefits of using an Africa Power Lighting Tower

When using a lighting tower, you can look forward to enjoying all sorts of great benefits, some of which you might not have thought about before. This equipment is versatile, it is useable in all sorts of industries, and it is incredibly easy to set up. Should you be wondering how you will benefit, here are just a few reasons why you should use one:

  • Easy to move

No matter where you are using it, you can easily move your lighting tower from one place to the next, without the worry that the tower will not be suitable for the environment in which it has been placed.

  • Easy to setup

You literally do not have to worry too much about getting things set up. These lights come ready to use.

  • Easy, powerful lighting

Since not everyone has the same lighting needs, it helps to know that these lighting tools are available in various strengths and can light up just about every space.

  • No noise

Although they have a generator, these lights make just about no noise which makes them ideal to use in entertainment venues.

  • Power source

It cannot be said enough but with the light coming with its own power generation capabilities, the additional power source is a fantastic benefit.