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Atlas Copco Lighting Towers

The Best Atlas Copco Lighting Towers


From heavy construction sites under immense pressure to meet project deadlines to sporting events running the risk of being plunged into darkness, the benefits of investing in a lighting tower, or even hiring one for the period in which you need the extra light, go beyond having the means to illuminate an area.

With the lighting tower, you have a portable lighting option for every possible lighting need you might have. Portable lights are designed to give you more flexibility with your lighting, by having an array of lighting sizes and strengths.  The industrial nature of the lighting as well as the ability to easily move it around means you can quite easily light up any area.

Africa Power supplies one of Africa’s widest arrays of construction equipment and we stock the powerful Atlas Copco Lighting Towers.

Moving around on wheels, with a generator included, Altas Copco lights are designed to suit all sorts of environments.


What is a lighting tower?


Quite simply put, a lighting tower is a piece of equipment fitted with a powerful light bulb. It can be extended to reach the perfect height from which to emit its light and the equipment is generally adaptable and highly efficient for the job that it has been designed to use.

Most lighting towers, the good quality often more expensive type, will come with a generator neatly attached to the equipment. The generator is a part of the machine and is positioned out of the way, furthering the compact nature of the lighting tower. The generator allows for the light to be efficiently used, even when it is out of reach of conventional electrical sources, or when conventional power means are simply unavailable.

With a number of lighting towers, depending on what your needs are, you can quite easily have more than enough light to work with, which means you can finish up projects and even add extra temporary security to a perhaps dimly lit area.


Atlas Copco Light Towers


Atlas Copco manufactures and supplies some of the very best light towers in Africa. Some of their towers exclude the generator while others are available with their own power generating source. The company manufactures LED light towers, Metal Halide light towers, and Electric light towers, all of which are up to the job of supplying the right amount of light for your needs.

Atlas Copco has aimed to provide the widest range of light towers and has quite successfully made sure that no matter what you will be using the light for, your needs will be well met!

Each light tower is manufactured with the best possible materials and according to the innovative standards that the company itself has set. Not only are the Atlas Copco light towers a fantastic, high-quality piece of equipment, but they are also made to be incredibly safe to use and to have on-site.

To assist clients in getting the most out of their lighting, Atlas Copco has a handy app that can be used to assess the best possible solutions based on your unique needs.


How to use a light tower


Just as the explanation of what a light tower is, is fairly straightforward, so is its application.

Light towers are designed to be easy to use and since the equipment is so easy to move around, when it comes to using a light tower, you don’t need to have much prior knowledge.

Using a light tower is as easy as ordering one (or buying one) and then having it delivered to wherever it is that you need it. From there you can move your light tower into place, by pushing it carefully.

The light tower comes fit with 2 or 4 wheels and although it is an odd-looking thing that seems as though it might just fall over, the bottom of the equipment is fairly stable and won’t easily topple.

After that, you will need to fill the generator, and then you are pretty much ready to go!

These amazing lighting systems are designed to be durable and to work in just about any environment. They are designed to do the job of lighting well and even if after you have placed it in a spot where you think it is just right, you can still move it around, should you feel that you are not getting the right amount of light.

Clients throughout Africa have found great use in hiring a light tower, as it minimises costs and is an effective lighting solution, regardless of where you are placing the lights. Given Africa’s rough terrain and the fact that the surfaces are often difficult to move over, means having such robust equipment available so you can make your work so much easier.


Benefits of using an Atlas Copco light tower


The tower light has so many benefits, many of which you might not have considered before. They are versatile, easy to use, and beneficial to many industries, and if you are still on the fence about what type of lighting you need, this is how you will benefit from having a light tower:


  • They are portable

The fact that they can so easily be moved from one place to the next means they are suitable for just about every environment.


  • They are easy to setup

Given the way in which the light tower has been made, they are super easy to set up. You won’t waste a moment getting your lights in place and ready to use.


  • They provide powerful lighting

Light towers come in a variety of light strengths which means you even have the possibility of hiring a powerful floodlight which can come in very handy when your team is working at night or when you are hosting an event.


  • They are not noisy

Even with their generator, the light tower is designed to emit minimal noise, making your workspace or event, a peaceful place.


  • They are also a source of power

The light tower gets it energy from a generator which means that the light will not draw any additional energy from your work site or event.