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Generac Lighting Towers

Add light with the best Generac Lighting Tower for Sale in South Africa

When it comes to finding a reliable solution to provide bright lighting to any type of space, whether it is a construction site running on a deadline or an event in need of extra light to make the area safe to navigate, a lighting tower is your best option.

Affordable, convenient, and really easy to set up, lighting towers are flexible pieces of equipment that have earned their place in numerous industries. They are portable and they can easily be positioned exactly where you need them. Since they are designed to be stable, even though they are on wheels, they are just perfect for all sorts of rugged African environments.

At Africa Power Equipment we supply a wide range of Africa’s very best lighting towers. Our Generac Lighting Towers in particular are powerful tools that are more than capable of providing all the lighting you could possibly need. Currently, we have the Generac VT-EvoK Kubota Water Cooled Tower, the VT-EvoY Yanmar Air-Cooled Tower, and the VT-Mine Kubota Water Cooled Tower.

What are lighting towers?

Lighting towers don’t need all that much of an explanation as there is nothing complicated about them. As their name states, a lighting tower is quite literally light on a tower that can be extended high enough to provide all the light you could need.

The construction industry, with its tight deadlines, is generally one of the places where you will see lighting towers used. And this is because they are able to provide enough light for the construction team to work at night, even if they are in an out-of-reach location.

Most lighting equipment of this type is designed to be compact, which allows it to be used in areas of all kinds, even if they are rather small. This helps to ensure that even the darkest places can receive the right amount of light.

Part of the compact nature of the lighting tower is the fact that the light comes with its own power-generating capabilities. The generator is attached to the bottom of the lighting tower or it is attached using a trailer. The additional weight provided by the generator goes a long way towards providing the tower with more stability.

Lastly, because the lighting tower is not a large piece of equipment, if you need more lighting than a single one can provide, you should have enough space to add a few more.

Generac Lighting Towers

Generac is a European company, operating under the name of Generac Mobile. For more than 20 years, the company has been innovating and coming up with new and improved ways to build their machines and provide their customers with a better experience.

Their lighting towers come in a variety of options. They have a hybrid line, an electric line, and a diesel line. The type of lighting tower depends on the generator attached to the machine. The hybrid line has a rechargeable battery as well as a generator. The electric line has a built-in generator that is powered by solar panels, a built-in battery pack, or some type of another power source. And the diesel line has its own diesel generator.

Naturally, the type of light tower you choose will be determined by your needs as well as the type of generator that will best suit your power source requirements.

All of the Generac lighting towers are mobile and really easy to move from A to B.

How to use a light tower

You won’t require any training or prior knowledge to set up a lighting tower. And since all lighting towers are about the same in terms of structure and use, you can hire or buy any type and quite easily get to grips with it.

First, you will need to find the ideal tower for your needs and then place your order. You can quite easily find towers of all kinds when you do a quick online search. When you have found the perfect one for your needs, you can arrange for it to be delivered. Once you have it on-site, you can start by moving it into place and then filling up the generator.

From there, you are good to go!

Since all of the towers have a set of wheels attached to them, you can move the tower around. This is especially helpful if you are on a construction site and your lighting needs to change as the project progresses.

Clients all throughout Africa have found that having a lighting tower for their lighting needs is a more than a suitable option. They don’t cost a lot to use and they are more than capable of providing effective lighting to any area. And since they come with their own generator, they can be used in even the most out-of-reach places.

Lighting Tower FAQs

Can a light tower be used as a generator?

Yes it can be used as a generator. This is one of the biggest perks of using a lighting tower. If you intend to use the tower to generate power, make sure that you check out how much energy the generator is capable of making.

How long will a light tower run?

It all depends on the type of generator the light tower has. Solar-powered light towers can run for as long as 30 hours on a single charge while diesel generators can run between 7 to 60 hours on a single fuel fill-up.

How much fuel does a light tower use?

The amount of fuel used is going to depend on the size of the generator. Some generators have a larger capacity than others, which means they will require more fuel if you wish to get full use of the tower.

What are light towers used for?

Light towers are mostly used for construction although they can also be used for emergency services and events, and they are also used in the agricultural industry.

How many KW is a light tower?

A light tower can be anything from 6kW to 20kW or more, it really all depends on the type of lighting tower you opt for.

How many lumens does a light tower have?

A single light can produce between 110 and 120 lumens while a 4 light tower can produce an incredible 440 000 to 600 000 lumens.

How do you use a light tower?

A light tower is really easy to use. Once you have it in place and when you have adjusted the lights correctly so that they provide light to the right places, the generator can be turned on and the light tower should function correctly.