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Himoinsa Lighting Towers

Himoinsa Lighting Tower For Sale Online in South Africa

The lighting tower is one of the most effective tools for lighting up areas of all kinds. Whether it is for a construction site that has fallen behind and is in need lighting to work at night, or if it is a night venue that needs to be well lit, when you have a lighting tower you can make the area safer and far easier to navigate.

Lighting towers are a rather ingenious bit of equipment and they are wonderful to have, because they are both easy to use and they are easy to move around. When you have a lighting tower, you can setup in any space and be a bit flexible in the way that you have things arranged.

And with so many lighting options on the market, such as Himoinsa Lighting Towers you can customise your lighting according to your exact needs.

Africa Power is one of the leading suppliers of all kinds of construction equipment and we stock a wide selection of lighting towers from a few of the best lighting manufacturers.

What is a lighting tower?

A lighting tower is a very simple but powerful piece of equipment. It is made with an extendable pole upon which a strong light is placed. The lights are designed to be adjustable which allows you to effectively light up even the biggest area.

The lighting tower is not the biggest piece of equipment as it is made to be compact, allowing it to be used in even the smallest of places. The lighting tower also comes with its own power source, so you won’t have to connect it to an outside supply. This feature is perfect for anyone wanting to light a space that is out of reach of conventional electrical outlets.

Another thing about a lighting tower is that you can have as many as you like. If one is not enough, you can always opt for a few more lights, placing them in strategic positions, so that you have a properly lit up space.

Himoinsa Lighting Towers

Himoinsa is one of Africa’s most reliable lighting tower manufacturers. They are innovative in their designs and they are committed to making lighting towers that are perfectly suitable for just about any environment, even the most rugged African terrain.

Their lighting towers are manually operated and they are designed to stand at a maximum height of 9 meters, which is more than enough to give a considerable amount of light to quite a big area, around 32 000 square feet to be exact.

Their lighting towers are designed to run on a diesel generator, and they have a maximum lighting time of around 70 hours, depending on the type of tower you choose. This means their towers have an impressive run time of up to 7 days without needing refuelling.

Himoinsa lights have a reputation for being incredibly effective and they are quite easily fit into budgets of all kinds.

How to use a light tower

There is nothing complex about using a lighting tower. Even the generator is easy to operate. Lighting towers are designed to be both simple to use and easy to move into position, so when you hire or buy such a piece of equipment, you don’t need to have a crash course to get the most out of it.

Lighting towers are also fairly easy to get your hands on. Getting a lighting tower is as simple as going online and placing an order, making a payment and then waiting for delivery. From there, once you have the lighting tower, you can move it around to wherever you need it.

Most lighting towers are made to stand on wheels, which is why moving it around is incredibly easy. The wheels are tough and durable, made to withstand all sorts of surfaces and even if the ground is unsteady, the tower you choose from Africa Power Equipment will quite easily stay in place.

Once the tower has been put in place, it doesn’t have to stay there forever. If you feel that it would be better off in a different position, you can just move it.

All throughout Africa, our clients have found that hiring a lighting tower comes with many helpful benefits and uses.  Not only is such equipment more than capable of providing lighting, but they are also able to reduce costs.

Lighting equipment of this type has been successfully used in various industries and if you are looking for a solution to your lighting needs, without having to rely on a perhaps unstable power source, then having a lighting tower might be just what you need. Lighting towers can be used all throughout Africa.

Benefits of using a Himoinsa Lighting Tower

All lighting towers, no matter who is manufacturing them, have certain benefits in common. Things like versatile usability and being easy to set up and use, are features that are the same no matter which brand you buy.

If you are still wondering how you can benefit from having a lighting tower, here are just a few of the reasons why you should opt for a Himoinsa Lighting Tower:

  • Flexibility

Himoinsa Lighting Towers are known for their flexibility and their adaptability. This means they can quite easily be moved around and as such adapt to whichever environment you are placing them in.

  • Setup

You don’t need special training or knowledge to get your lighting set up and ready to use. These are not complex pieces of equipment.

  • Reliable Lighting

When lighting using a tower, you can choose how much lighting you need and then opt for the right light strength so that you have more than enough light regardless of the area you are working in.

  • Low volume

Even with the generator, a lighting tower will not emit loads of noise, so you won’t have to worry about having to deal with a constant disruption.

  • Power

Since the lighting tower has its own generator, you won’t have to run around looking for a place to plug it in and you also won’t have to budget for additional power use.