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SDMO Lighting Towers

Light up any space using the SDMO Lighting Towers for Sale

Lighting towers have become one of the most useful pieces of equipment and they have a purpose in many industries. Used to light up large areas, and mostly used in the construction and entertainment world, lighting towers are convenient, easy to set up and really affordable.

Lighting towers are incredibly flexible and they are portable, making them easy to move around when on site, ensuring that they are in the perfect position to provide light to just about any space. Most lighting towers are designed to stand on wheels, which allows them to be pushed around over even the most rugged space. This makes lighting towers rather suitable for use all over Africa.

Africa Power Equipment is one of Africa’s leading suppliers of various types of lighting towers, including those made by the reputable SMDO lighting company. At the moment we stock the SDMO Lighting Tower with a Lombardini Engine. This lighting tower features 4 lights and long range extendable rail.

What are lighting towers?

They are exactly what their name says they are, towers that provide light. Built with durable materials and designed to provide more than enough light to allow you to work at night or to host an outdoor function, the lighting tower is a really helpful piece of equipment to have.

Lighting towers are popular on those construction sites where the deadline is a little tight, and the work day needs to be extended. Seeing that the tower is easy to move around and suitable for all terrains, even the most remote construction site can make do with this lighting equipment.

These devices are also known for being rather compact. Instead of taking up loads of extra space or become a bit of a hassle to have around, these towers are more or less an all in one kind of system. Not only do they have the capacity to provide enough lighting to even the darkest corners of a site or venue, but they also have their very own power generation capabilities.

All of the best kinds of lighting towers will have a generator attached to it. The generator not only provides the power needed to give the light, but it also gives the tower that extra weight which can come in handy when you need to keep the tower stable.

And finally, you can choose to have as many towers as you need, you don’t just need to have the one. Because of the compact nature of the lighting tower, having even 3 won’t take up all that much space.

SDMO Lighting Towers

SDMO is a French based manufacturer and they are not only at the cutting edge of light tower manufacturing, but they are also responsible for a number of other useful products such as generators.

Their lighting towers are, like many others, designed to have a generator included. But there is a distinct difference between the SDMO light towers and all the rest. With the SDMO, the generator is attached to a trailer which is then attached to the tower. Other lighting towers will have the generator built into the equipment, which does have its benefits. But having a generator that is detachable can come in quite handy.

The SDMO RL6-1b, which is what we have in stock, weighs around 705kgs, and is extendable to 9 meters, the perfect height from which to provide the right type of light. With its 4 lights, the tower provides a fantastic 400 000 lumens.

How to use a light tower

It doesn’t matter which lighting tower you opt for, when it comes to using it, they are pretty much all the same. Lighting towers require no special skills to operate and they can be either hired or bought, depending on what your specific needs and expectations are.

To get a lighting tower, you will first need to order it. Luckily, most lighting towers can be bought or hired online, from Africa Power Equipment. Simply give us a call, or fill in our website form, and we will help you out.

Once your light has been delivered to whenever it is that you need it, you will just need to make sure that the generator has fuel in it. The next step will be to push the tower into place.

All lighting towers have wheels, which makes moving them around really easy. And even when you have the tower in what you think is the perfect position, you can move it around and place it in a better position, to give you more light in the place it is needed.

For clients in Africa, the lighting tower is just the perfect tool to have. They provide a more than effective lighting solution and at minimal costs. Since Africa is a rough and rugged place, with power sources so often out of reach, having a lighting tower can be a real game changer.

Benefits of using a SDMO Lighting Tower

Naturally, every lighting tower comes with its own benefits, and while some might differ from company to company, most lights will have the standard benefits with the biggest difference being price. When considering buying or hiring a lighting tower, these are the usual benefits you will have to look forward to:

  • Movability

Since they are on wheels and designed to be used in just about any environment, you can easily move the light tower around.

  • Simple Setup

The light comes completely ready to use. You simply need to fill the generator and turn it on.

  • Bright Lighting

With so many lumens available from every light on the tower, you will have more than enough light for whatever it is that you are lighting.

  • Silent Functionality

While the light is powered by a generator, it is not a generator in the conventional way. Lighting tower generators are a lot quieter than you think.

  • Electric Source

The fact that the light comes with its own power generation capabilities, means you don’t have to find an additional power source while you also don’t have to worry about paying out more for additional power.