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SmartGen Generator Controllers

SmartGen Generator Controllers for Sale at Competitive Prices in South Africa


South Africa faces significant issues where reliable electricity generation and provision are concerned. Households and several industries in South Africa have felt the impact of unforeseen power outages and even scheduled rolling blackouts, also known as “load-shedding”.

Because of this, portable generators have become increasingly popular in South Africa, ensuring that households and businesses alike can have access to reliable standby and backup power when the grid is compromised.

Africa Power Equipment offers a wide range of generators and generator accessories and parts, such as SmartGen generator controllers for sale at affordable, competitive prices.

Importance of Generators today

In any given situation where a household or business is without electricity, a generator is the best option. Generators are popular because they offer emergency electricity, and they are a cost-effective and portable solution.

Generators can tailor to any electrical application, depending on its size, capacity, and for what it is being used.

There are thousands of people in South Africa who have invested in a generator for personal and commercial use during times when the power utility company is unable to supply a reliable source of electricity when there is routine maintenance, or in an emergency after a storm that may have caused damage to power lines and transformers.

Considerations when buying a Generator

The importance and effectiveness of a generator can never be understated, especially as it can be a stable source of backup power. However, before purchasing a generator, some factors must be considered to ensure that you get the right type of generator.


Size is one of the most important considerations as there is no substitute. The starting current load of any electrical motor or transformer is typically at least six times that of the full load current, which is the main consideration when choosing a generator.

It is, therefore, crucial to use the beginning kVa needs of motors as well as transformers to determine the right size of the generator. It is crucial to know what your needs are before you consider a generator, allowing you to choose the right size.

Control and Management Systems

It is important to ensure that the generator has a control system that includes a wide range of features as well as functions, such as the capacity and remote control to remotely activate and configure the machine, provide alerts and notifications such as low fuel, alarm protection and other operational issues and concerns.

This remote communication allows for users to analyse specific data and seeing that it is a technology with precision parameters, they can not only optimize their use but understanding their generator which will save money on maintenance.

It is also important to obtain information such as comprehensive analytical data, event logs, amongst several other things.

Fuel Efficiency

Portable generators use much less fuel than they did a few years ago because of design advancements as well as advances in energy consumption. Fuel can be costly and before investing money in a generator, it is important to get fuel consumption estimates from a few suppliers.

Different types of Generators

Portable Generators

These are small, compact, and they are easy to carry and transport. These types of generators typically use either petrol, propane gas, or solar energy because these are readily available fuel sources.

Because of their small size, these generators can be stored in a vehicle or kept in storage when it is not in use. They can easily be used on camping trips and for other recreational activities where electricity is needed.

However, because of their portability, these generators sacrifice power production, and they cannot produce a large amount of electricity.

Inverter Generators

These generators are more effective in producing electricity and as opposed to typical generators that work in a single phase, inverter generators produce electricity in three different phases, which creates a high-frequency alternating current (AC), which is inverted to direct current (DC), and inverted again into a more stable AC output.

Petrol Generators

These generators are small and use petrol as their primary fuel type. They have straightforward controls and are some of the cheapest on the market, making them perfect for homeowners who need emergency backup power on a tight budget.

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators run on diesel fuel, and they are inherently more powerful than petrol generators. Because they run on diesel, they can work in colder temperatures ad their low burning temperature means that there is less strain on the electric engine.

Natural Gas Generators

Generators that run on natural gas are typically used as standby power and when compared to diesel and petrol generators, these natural gas generators are inherently known to be more environmentally friendly, durable, and cost-effective where maintenance is concerned.


SmartGen Generator Controllers for Sale in South Africa

SmartGen Generator Controllers are reliable, durable controllers that provide the user with convenience in operating their generator remotely, monitoring certain operational parameters, and hosting a wide range of protection capabilities.

SmartGen is known for integrating digitalisation, intelligence, and innovative network technology. SmartGen controllers can operate in any given temperature conditions by using an innovative vacuum fluorescent display (VFD), or a specifically designed liquid crystal display (LCD).

The components of all SmartGen controllers are known to resist extreme temperature and they also have a strong resistance against any anti-electromagnetic interference, which means that they are perfect for use in any environment that has complex or high electromagnetic interference.

Because of the innovative plug-in terminal, these SmartGen controllers are easy to maintain and upgrade. While several suppliers in South Africa have SmartGen generator controllers for sale, Africa Power Equipment offers a wide range at affordable prices.

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