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Solar Batteries

Best-Priced Solar Batteries for Sale in South Africa

A solar battery is an essential part of the solar system setup. Without it, you will not be able to run your system as efficiently as you like, and you end up having wasted your money. Likewise, if you were to end up with insufficient battery power or the wrong kind of solar battery, you will be in an equally tough spot.

We have a wide variety of top-quality solar batteries for sale and offer competitive solar battery prices.

At Africa Power Equipment, we are a company dedicated to ensuring that our clients get the kind of products they require. From assisting with the supply of light towers and generators, to ensuring that our clients have everything they need in order to set up the perfect solar system, we have the products and the knowledge to give you the service you need. Our products are sourced from some of the best in the industry and we go out of our way to ensure that prices are kept as affordable as possible.

What are solar batteries?

As an integral part of the solar system set up, solar batteries are a specific type of battery which is used to store the energy gathered and generated by the sun. These batteries are used in solar systems of all kinds, whether they are home or a commercial system and by having them, you will have access to electricity even on those days when the sun energy is minimal.

Solar batteries tend to be the most expensive part of the system, because they serve such an important purpose. These batteries are designed to only work with solar power and they have an incredibly long lifespan, which makes investing in them a valuable, long term financial benefit.

Normally, the batteries can be supplied as a part of the solar kit, but there are times when the batteries will have to be bought as a standalone product. This is usually the case when you are setting up the system on your own or when you are replacing a battery.

Choosing your solar battery

When shopping around to buy a new solar battery, there are quite a few things that you should keep in mind. For starters you should know the storage capacity that you require. If you are to buy the kind of battery that does not have a decent amount of storage capacity, you will end up regretting your decisions. If you are unsure of the battery capacity that you need, it pays to have a chat with a consultant to make sure that you are making the right decision.

The next thing that you need to consider is the brand that you are buying from. The brand needs to match the system that you have because if the two don’t properly complement one another, you might end up with a system that doesn’t work or which is not working in the way that it should. Most brands are great in terms of quality but if you want to make sure that the products are compatible, make sure that you ask the sales consultant or online shop you are buying from.

Finally, you need to consider price. Some batteries are more expensive than others in terms of the brand that you are looking at as well as the size of the battery that you are thinking about getting. The price will also be a huge deciding factor if you intend to buy more than one battery for your system.

The various types of solar batteries

For the most part, the solar battery is connected to a solar system, which generates power for a building or for a heavy duty appliance.

But solar batteries can also be used to great effect with other things.

Solar battery banks are a versatile and helpful thing to have, because they allow you to take the energy supply with you wherever you go and then there are solar batteries used to power even the smallest of solar lights. Solar garden lights are being used for a number of reasons these days, from providing some ambiance in the garden to creating more security for the property without having to take power from the national power supply.

When buying your battery, make sure that you know exactly what you will be using the battery for, as the size of the battery will change depending on where it will be used.

Solar power storage

Everyone with a solar system wants to have a maximum amount of running time. A fully charged solar battery is going to vary in terms of the amount of storage that you will get from it, depending on its storage capacity as well as its use.

The best kinds of solar batteries should be able to generate at least 3 times the daily use, which means that a charged battery will provide you with 3 days of power. This is the ideal amount of energy storage and it is important to note that since not all batteries are equal, 3 days of storage is not a guarantee with every solar battery you buy.

For this reason, it is so important that you do you research and find out which are the industry’s best solar batteries while it also helps to have a chat with the company you are buying the battery from.

Solar Batteries from Africa Power Equipment

We stock a wide variety of some of the industry’s best batteries. Our bestselling brands include Oliter, Blue Nova, Freedom Won Lite for home and business solar systems, Alpha ESS, Solar MD, REVOV, and Pylontech.

Each of these brands have a formidable reputation in the solar industry and their products are known to last a really long time, without any issues.

All of these products and more, such as solar panels and inverters can be bought from our shop by sending us an enquiry via our website. Once we get your message we will get back to you about pricing and availability. Our friendly sales team are also more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.