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CAT - M Series Motor Grader - 16M3

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Base Power: 216 kW
Engine Model: CAT C13 ACERT VHP
Maximum Torque: 1721 N.m

The 16M3 Motor Grader will have a direct impact on mine site productivity and costs. The haul road is either the mine’s greatest asset or greatest liability. When haul roads are kept in top condition, trucks live longer and run faster. Good road conditions are key on extending truck life, reducing maintenance, lowering fuel costs and reducing tire damage, as a result, cycle times are improved and more ore is produced at a lower cost. The 16M3 is ideal fit for:

  • Small to medium size mining operations which run 150 ton or smaller hauling trucks.
  • As a complement to a 24M size motor grader fleet in large mining operations where additional versatility is required for ditch and berm building and cleaning, maintenance of secondary narrower roads or side/bank slope work.

The 16M3 includes features that provide large benefits on operating cost reduction, uptime & performance improvements as well as enhanced safety.

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