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Revov - 2nd Life R100 - 5.1Kwh Lithium-ion Battery with BMS

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Nominal Voltage –  51.2V
Nominal Capacity  – 100Ah (at rate of 1C)
Energy 5.12kWh  – (at rate of 1C)
Max Current –  100A
Recommended Recharge –  3 Hours at 40A
Boost / Absorption Voltage  – 55.5V
Float Voltage –  54.5V
Discharge cut-off Voltage  –  48V
Standard charging Current  –  40A
Recommended Discharge Rate – 0.6C
Max recommended continuous discharge current  – 60A
Size: Length x Width x Height  – 420mm x 480mm x 177mm
Weight 42kg

• Integrated CAN bus RS485 BMS.
• LCD display shows battery information.
• Over-discharge Protection.
• Temperature Protection.
• Short Circuit Protection.

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