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Water Pumps

Water Pumps


Water pumps used in commercial, industrial and agricultural applications all work in a similar way. Water pumps basically move water using a piston or an impellor, to create force, which creates the water flow.
You will find many different types of  water pumps including an in line water pump, submersible pumps, trash pumps, transfer pumps and a utility pumps.
Reliability and convenience, Africa Power Equipment offers a wide range of water pumps to suit your particular requirements. We have pumps that work for clear water, dirty water or trash water applications. High head pumps and specialised pumps that work in every sector, for everything from fertiliser to irrigation systems.

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A centrifugal water pumps’ pressure pump has a powerful inlet and outlet. All water pressure pump applications when you need the power to operate, Africa Power has the range of pumps available in diesel and petrol.
You get many different types of pumps including an in line water pumps, submersible pumps, trash pumps, transfer pumps and utility pumps. We will give you the right solution!


High Head Water Pumps

High head water pumps are an essential equipment for irrigation, agricultural and industrial sectors and Africa Power is your one-stop shop when looking for high head pumps.
The high volume high head water pumps that we offer can handle more pressure than normal pumps and are designed to be able to efficiently pump water at high heads.
For more information on our range of high head centrifugal pumps, call Africa Power Equipment today on 010 001 4310 or request a water pump quote now.

Trash Pumps & Semi Trash Pumps

If your work site requires a pump that can get rid of waste, slurry or dirty water efficiently and with ease, check out the Africa Power range of trash and semi trash water pumps. As one of the leaders in pumping equipment since 2013, we are sure that we will have a trash pump or semi trash pump available to meet your specific needs.

Fertilizer Pumps


Fertilising your crops can be an absolutely essential part of ensuring a bumper harvest.
Using an efficient fertilizer pumps with excellent features and capabilities, will make this process that much simpler and somewhat predictable. At Africa Power Equipment we understand the needs of our agricultural clients. We stock an extensive range of fertilizer pumps for the agriculture sector in particular.

Diesel Water Pumps

In the market for a hard-working, dependable diesel water pump in Southern Africa? Able to do the toughest water removal jobs for a range of industries? At Africa Power Equipment we proudly stock WEIMA diesel water pumps. WEIMA offers only the best in dewatering and flood water removal capabilities.

Wet Prime Water Pumps

The Atlas Copco VAR range consists of centrifugal pumps, that get the job done right, where the key is to have a simple system for first prime. This machine can, with a first water fill up, quickly achieve your desired results.
Our equipment suits perfectly in all medium construction applications, bentonite pumping and portable emergency flood control.
Great for construction, general dewatering, drainage and emergency applications.
These self-priming centrifugal pumps are well suited for applications where climate is a factor.

Wellpoint Centrifugal Pumps

The Atlas Copco WEL range of fully automatic, rapid, self-priming pumps is designed for wellpoint applications with a high flow rate. Our pumps are capable of pumping significant quantities of semi-liquid and maintaining a wellpoint system under vacuum. Thanks to the semi-open impeller, which also makes it suitable for pumping liquids with solids in suspension.
The WEL PST model, high performance unit, is suitable for grievous applications when its needed to work 24 per day.
The automatic WEL TANK range is suitable for applications with changing ground water level and flow requirements. Being electric driven, it is very quiet, energy efficiency and suitable to work in residential areas.